What’s the Difference Between MTL and DTL Vaping?

With the worldwide phenomenon of vaping, many new methods have become available over the last few years. With so many unique ways to enjoy your e cig liquid, your collection has no doubt expanded to include vape pens, cartridges and sub ohm devices.

With each new vape juice sale UKcomes new ways to enjoy them.

Whether you’re an aspiring cloud chaser or just looking for an enjoyable way to give up smoking cigarettes, there are two main methods of vaping. Whilst new devices come onto the market every year, they all retain the common factor of these two inhalation methods.

Below you’ll find a rundown of direct to lung and mouth to lung vaping, alongside the devices they’re suited to and the experience you’ll gain from them.

Mouth to Lung vaping

Mouth to Lung (or MTL for short) refers to the method of vaping first developed for cigalike style devices.

Using less battery power on the devices, mouth to lung vaping requires the user to inhale the e cig liquid and vapour into their mouth before sucking it further into their lungs. This method has the user take in less vapour, but will allow them to savour the flavour on their palette.

Which devices utilise mouth to lung vaping?

As mentioned above, most mouth to lung vaping devices are lower powered and so are best used with higher PG ratio and nicotine concentrated flavours. MTL optimised devices include the cigalike, cartridge-based devices and lower-powered vape pens.

Direct to Lung Vaping

Direct to Lung vaping requires the user to inhale larger amounts of vapour directly into their lungs. Think of sucking the air out of a balloon, and you’ll have something close to the sensation that comes with DTL vaping. Of course, vaping in this method is far more enjoyable than sucking the air out of a balloon, but the same muscles in the throat are exercised during the inhale.

Which devices utilise Direct to Lung Vaping?

Sub Ohm devices and higher-powered mods are the preferred vessels for this method. With larger batteries and less resistance from the coil and atomiser, you’ll be able to generate far larger clouds of vapour. This means that higher concentrated nicotine and PG heavy vape juices can be quite overwhelming when DTL vaping.

Instead, opt for juices with a low nicotine concentration and high VG ratio.

Which is right for you?


Direct to Lung vaping is best kept for seasoned users. If you’re looking for larger vape clouds and a subtler experience, then DTL will provide denser exhales and softer throat hits. DTL vaping also gives you more flexibility, the devices they’re used for often coming with temperature controls and variable wattages.


MTL devices are best used by the first-time vaper. The reason for this is that the sensation and the vape flavour mixes that come with it, best resemble the feeling of smoking. With a larger focus on flavour, these devices can be used with higher nicotine concentrations which will be more appealing to ex-smokers wanting a more concrete nicotine hit.

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