It was only two years ago that the Tobacco and related Products Directive came into being, and the knock on effects are still being seen in 2019. These laws meant that the entire British vaping industry had to change, and many products had to come off the market, leading to TPD clearances across the country. The worry is, that in the result of a no deal Brexit, which is becoming increasingly likely with each day that passes, the vaping industry will screech to a standstill. Whilst there are many products which are made in the UK, such as vape juices, many are imported from overseas and many EU affiliated countries. So what are the worries about Brexit’s effect on the UK’s vaping market, and what do we know will be the knock on conclusions of a no deal endgame?

EU standard safety will fall through

One major worry is that the safety of e cigarettes and e liquids will fall through. This is because the UK currently uses the EU health and safety standards to ensure the quality of many of its products. The fall in health and safety regulations will mean the UK could be open to lesser quality vape products.

Vape juices manufactured overseas won’t be sold in vape shops anymore

Depending on the kind of trade deals we strike with foreign countries, many vape juices could fall off the British market. This might be unlikely, but countries such as Malaysia, USA and China create many of the products we use today. It should be stressed that this is unlikely, China make a lot of money off UK trade, especially their innovative e cigarettes, and we have close relations to the USA.

DIY vaping will rise

DIY vaping is the act of making and using your own vape juices. If certain big brand names come off the market, then we might see a rise in the amount of people who mix their own vape juices. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, DIY vaping has become a cultural phenomenon and social hobby, even leading to vaping enthusiasts creating their own independent brands. This might lead to more independent companies circulating around the UK, making vaping more intimate and approachable as an industry.

The realities

On January the 7th, many UK leaders and MP’s gathered to discuss what the repercussions of a no deal Brexit would have on the tobacco and e cigarette landscape. There were three main points discussed, and many

A transfer of power from the EU commissions

Right now, the EU has control over the e cigarette and liquid safety in the UK. The first amendment which was discussed during the TPD laws was that the powers in charge of TPD compliant e liquids would be transferred to a UK body. This ensures that the Secretary of State, not the EU commission is in charge of “technical, scientific and administrative adjustments” to the TPD laws.

Australia will make our warning signs

Many of the warning photos used on vape devices and tobacco products are under EU copyright law. This means that if we leave with a no deal Brexit, we will have to use the photos and warnings of the Australian system, ensuring that nicotine addiction warnings remain effective.

Domestic notification systems

If we have to transfer power, we will have to make sure that there is a suitable notification system in place to keep businesses in the UK working under safe and legal standards when it comes vape device and liquid production. As a guard against dangers, the domestic notifications are currently controlled by the EU.

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