Vaping as a business has reached the billion pound threshold as an industry. What has made it so popular?

Vaping has already overtaken the tobacco industry as one of the most lucrative businesses out there. With so many people encouraged to change from smoking due to the health benefits and a burgeoning creative scene and DIY culture bubbling up like a vape cloud from the ensuing popularity of the device, it’s not surprising to find it reaching such prominent heights. So, what are the reasons behind this popularity and how has it changed the face of consumer culture for nicotine based products?

Vaping is healthier

Compared to the 400 dangerous chemicals within tobacco smoke, vaping has only four ingredients and a fraction of the chemical output. In tobacco smoke, at least 40 of the chemicals present are carcinogenic, meaning that they are cancer causing whilst the very fact that with tobacco you are inhaling burnt smoke means that there are damaging fumes before you even start on the carcinogens. In comparison, vaping is made up of water vapour, nicotine and flavourings, making it far less a hotpot of poisons. What’s more, vape devices simply vaporise their liquid rather than burn it with fire.

Freedom of choice

One of the great things about vaping on a consumer level is the freedom of choice you have when it comes to vape flavours or devices. With so many different devices out there, it’s easy to see how you could even feel like there’s too much to choose from! That’s one of the great things about vaping and is why so many people turn to it, each vape inhale could be different from the last. With the ever growing range of mods on the market, you can swap almost every aspect of your device for different materials and voltages. Whether you’re changing your copper coil for nichrome or wicking cotton for firmer material, the options are almost limitless.


Of course vaping is safer than smoking in the sense that there are less chemicals, but more and more people are attracted and promote vaping due to its other safety features. Whilst we have already covered the benefits of heat not burn on the lungs, it can also stop many fires from starting. Last year, during Stoptober in London, the London fire department promoted vapes as a safer alternative due to the rising number of home fires which have been started by cigarettes or stray embers.

A social hub

The DIY culture surrounding vaping has led to an explosion of art, fashion and creativity. Part of the reason for this is in the fact that independent vape companies have started using vape juice as a way to promote local artists in their drawings and paintings as well as using musicians, celebrities and other notable figures to promote their brands and related clothing. This, combined with the online exposure through social media has led to the scene being reachable and relatable by many different people.

Vape flavours

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