Vape explosions have become some of the worst problems afflicting the industry right now. As devices become ever more complex and powerful, there’s a higher risk of their exploding, causing harm to you and your possessions. Whether it be a sub ohm mod or an unregulated device, vape explosions have been occurring more and more. The numbers may be due to there being more vapers than there were a few years ago, and cases of vape explosions are still rarer than fires caused by cigarettes; nevertheless, it’s always wise to be aware of the risk and ways you can avoid them.

Causes of vape explosions

Vape explosions can vary in their severity. Some devices have exploded only to cause leaks and mess in your pocket or bag, while others have led to serious injury and even death. One news report from May 2018 found that a man from Florida was killed when his vape device exploded and pierced his skull. Whilst the usual reports are not as extreme as this, there is still a definitive risk of injury from an exploding vape pen, and so it is wise to proceed with caution when using your new vape pods or e juice UK.

Faulty Lithium-Ion batteries

Fake or damaged vape batteries are one of the main causes of vape explosions. Most vape batteries are of the lithium ionised variety, and if they are leaking or dented in any way, they could be liable to shorting out or bursting. Lithium Ion batteries are full of acid, and so if the battery bursts, this can cause incredibly dangerous corrosive damage to the user.

Overloading your unregulated mod

Unregulated mods are vape devices which have a personalised circuit board. This means that you can build your own deck and choose your own power ratings through interchangeable coils, batteries and atomisers. These devices often have unregulated circuits. Regulated mods will short out before their system overloads, but unregulated devices do not have these safety features, putting the power in your hands, which if you are unused to Ohm’s Law and vaping safety, could end in a bang.

Overnight charging

Leaving your vape device to charge overnight could lead to unsupervised and overcharging of your battery. Most vape devices only need a few hours charge at most and allowing them to overcharge could overload your system.

How to minimise the risk

So how do you minimise the risk of vape explosions? Whilst they’re rare, the main cause is a lack of knowledge of your vape devices capabilities and the surprisingly intense power which emanates from them. Below are some of the easiest ways to minimise the risk of your vape device exploding or your battery bursting.

Only buy trusted batteries

Vape batteries can be easily forged and sold at knock-off prices. The best way to make sure that your batteries aren’t cheap imitations, especially in external battery powered devices, is to look for safety warnings and stamps of approval from EU regulators. Only buy from trusted brands and shops (like our vape shop in Bromley!) and ensure that there are no leaks in your device.

Whilst we may buy e juice online, it is a better idea to buy batteries in person.

Supervise your vape charging

As mentioned above, overcharging your vape battery can be one of the main culprits of vape device accidents. This means that you should at least be present (and conscious) in the house when charging your vape device. Whether you are stopping off in a café to give your device a charge, or you’re at home waiting for your next hit, always be present during your vape charging.

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