Vaping is by far, a much safer alternative to the dangers of tobacco smoke. But what side effects must you still look out for.

Whilst tobacco has long been warned against as a health risk for a wide range of reasons, vaping has been lauded as 98 percent safer by many scientific studies. Therefore, so many people have changed from smoking to vaping, leading to a mass exodus to heat not burn devices. Whilst these are guaranteed as safer, there are a range of concerns you should still have and some health issues which will make vaping unsuitable for some people. For those who are still health conscious and have turned to vaping, here are some of the things to watch out for.


Nicotine is a substance which is naturally occurring in tobacco but has been engineered to “satisfy” customers more. Nicotine is a chemical found within the nightshade plant which is unique ion that it is both a depressant and a stimulant. In small doses, nicotine releases endorphins into the body as well as increasing alertness and focus. These are the effects that people seek when they vape and smoke, whilst larger doses can lead to the heart rate slowing and the more poisonous effects of nicotine.


Nicotine in small doses increases the heart rate. In the process of doing this, it causes a reaction in all the blood vessels it touches. This reaction is a tightening of the blood vessels, momentarily restricting the blood flow and therefore the oxygen to the body as well. This means that your blood pressure is raised temporarily which can be dangerous for those suffering from heart conditions or more at risk of a stroke. Since nicotine is also present in vape juice, there is still a risk of this. Put simply, nicotine by itself is no where near as dangerous as the other chemicals in tobacco smoke but should still be treated with serious caution due to its addictive qualities. Another thing is certain, those who are pregnant or suffer from heart conditions should stay away from nicotine.

Nicotine poisoning

Nicotine poisoning can occur if vape juice is ingested in the wrong way. Nicotine concentrate is known for being very potent indeed and shouldn’t be ingested from the bottle. There’s a real reason why vape bottles are tamper and child proof. With the sweet smells often being mistaken for candy or food by animals and children, there have been several instances of vape juice poisoning. Whilst most cases of nicotine poisoning result in nausea and vomiting or headaches, those who have built up no tolerance to the chemical have often been poisoned very seriously and sometimes fatally.


How addictive is nicotine?

Nicotine is addictive in and of itself due to the psychological and physical effects of the endorphins rush it releases. This is heightened due to the incredibly potent “freebasing” technique which is brought to cigarettes. This process combines ammonium with the nicotine molecule and means that nicotine is made even more addictive, but with a more satisfying hit. This often mimicked in vape juice, making nicotine in vapes extremely addictive as well.

What is popcorn lung and should you be worried?

Popcorn lung, or bronchiolitis, is a lung infection which debilitates the lungs lining. This is linked to vaping due to a chemical found in some vape flavours named diacetyl, which was originally linked to bronchiolitis through a death at an American butter popcorn factory. Due to the death via exposure to diacetyl, vape companies and medical organisations became worried due to the use of diacetyl in vape juices. Whilst the amounts you would be exposed to through vape juice didn’t come close to the amount which caused the death of a Colorado factory worker, most quality products you’d find at vape shops in London will not contain the chemical anymore. If you’re still worried or suspicious, talk to a member of staff or call an e juice company directly to pin point the ingredients.

What is formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a chemical which is toxic and shouldn’t be ingested. It is also a by-product of vapour inhalation. This chemical can be found in tobacco smoke too, but whilst it is toxic, there is plenty of evidence to show that it’s presence in e juice vapour is harmless. There is very little formaldehyde present in the vapour and even less if you are passive vaping.

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