Over the last few years, we’ve seen cannabislaws change in more states across the US, as well as many parts of Canada. Thismeans that more and more people are able to reap the benefits, both physicaland psychological, of hemp-based products.

With a number of applications available forboth THC and CBD medications, it’s not surprising to find individual usershaving their own personal favourite. Whether in the form of edibles or indeed afire-based joint, there are plenty of ways to indulge in the relaxing effectsof cannabis and hemp.

With the UK e-cigarette market having grownexponentially in the last few years, CBD oils have become some of the mostpopular e liquids being sold on the high street. Whilst we know thate-cigarettes are 98 percent less dangerous than smoking tobacco, less has beenpublished on the effects of vaping cannabis and cannabidiol.

By association then, we know that heat notburn cannabis oils have less of a negative effect on the health, but what arethe details, and how does cannabis smoke differ from tobacco smoke?

Firstoff, how do you vape cannabis?

There are two main marijuana-derived chemicalsused in e-cigarette vape flavours and liquids. The first is THC, thepsychoactive chemical which is still illegal in the UK. The second iscannabidiol, which harbours the relaxing properties and pain relief effects ofTHC but none of the psychoactive effects.

CBD is often used in the UK vape industry andis usually melted down into an oil-like substance which can be heated and vaporised.Dry herb products also contain quite a lot of moisture and can be heated andinhaled in the same way.

Lowtemperatures mean less disruption

Vape devices work at far lower temperaturesthan a live flame.

Not only does this make vaping safer from afire hazard point of view, but it means you are exposing your lungs to lessexternal heat. As the oil and resin evaporate into a vapor, you’re usuallyfaced with temperatures no higher than 190°C,which isn’t high enough to burn any of the residual plant matter packed intoyour e-cig.

Morepotent effects

When smoking, 15-20% of cannabinoids are destroyedthrough smoke burn off, whilst an extra 50% of the chemicals are destroyed bythe initial combustion process. When vaping, you waste far less of the plants natural THC and CBD due to the lowertemperature levels, and therefore get more potent effects.


With a rostrum of diverse flavours available, vape juices containing CBD and THC products are far more flexible tovarying tastes. Vaping cannabis means that even those who don’t like the tasteof CBD and THC can find a flavour they love.


Due to the lack of combustible elements in CBDand THC oils, fewer carcinogens are unlocked when vaping cannabis compared tosmoking it. Why? Because the main trigger for toxic elements in any product is alive flame as opposed to heat.

Vapehow you like it

With the wide range of temperature controls,variable wattage and variable voltage options on vape devices, you have thechance to personalise your CBD and THC experience even further, thus makingsmoking cannabis even more archaic a choice.

The verdict: vaping CBD and THC is a farbetter experience than smoking it.

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