With the growing regulations from the Tobacco and Related Products Directive, vaping has been exposed to many more stringent rules in recent years. Whether it’s the size of vape tanks or the packaging you;re allowed to use, many vape device companies have had to change their game since the regulation came into effect in 2017. One of the main aspects of vaping which has been affected is the size of pre filled vape bottles. There are several reasons for this, and whilst the logic of these answers could be called into question, the reality is that they are here to stay. Below are some of the main reasons why short fill vape bottles have become increasingly popular.

What is a short fill vape bottle?

A short fill vape bottle is a bottle of vape liquid which has had up to 20 percent of the bottle left empty. The vape liquids you get in short fills are usually nicotine free, and are some of the most unique in taste on the market today. You can find short fill bottles ranging from 25 ml to 100 ml bottles. You can mix your own vape liquids using nicotine mix calculators which are readily available online.

Why do people use short fill vape bottles

Short fill vape bottles are mostly used by vapers who want to add their own levels of nicotine. Due to the pre fill limit of 20 mg in 10 ml bottles, vapers who are used to a higher dosage may want to use short fills to up their nicotine intake. Whether that is through the use of nicotine salt based vape juices or simply adding nicotine shots, the short fill is the perfect addition to the all day vaping enthusiasts supply.

You can add your own nicotine

Adding your own nicotine is one of the main benefits of using a short fill vape liquid. This is why short fill bottles are so popular with DIY vapers, and why they are so readily available in our Southend vape shop. On the flip side of this, those who want to vape without nicotine in their vape juice, can do this by buying a short fill e liquid.

Bigger clouds

Usually, short fill e liquids are vape juices which are higher in vegetable glycerine than other pre fills or pod based vape juices. This is perfect for sub ohm vape tanks, and those looking for bigger clouds. Short fill vape juices are the type that are usually used in vape trick competitions.

Cheaper to buy

Due to their lack of nicotine and larger sized bottles, short fill vape juices are usually cheaper to buy than other e liquids. If you are looking for a good way to buy your vape juice for less money, then consider buying in bulk as a short fill. Many websites have deals on short fill liquids and accompanying nicotine shots.

Less plastic waste

Due to their larger size, these bottles are often reusable and more environmentally friendly. Cartridges and pods are often disposable, and so when they are used, they have to be thrown away. This can be a real waste of plastic, and short fills give you a bottle which you can use time and time again to mix new vape juices. Make sure you give them a clean beforehand though! The environmentally friendly aspect of short fill bottles is important, one of the main draws to vaping is the fact that there is less littering through cigarette butts, and less unhealthy fumes released into the air. With that in mind, it’s important that vaping components are kept as ethically friendly as possible so as to ensure the continued high ethics of the vaping industry.

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