Yes, it’s true; making the switch from smoking to vaping via e-cigarettes or, eventually, via mods can be a little daunting if you don’t know what to expect, so here follows a few things to anticipate when you do choose to stop smoking and start vaping...

Flavours and tastes

Admittedly, vaping a strawberry sundae, say, or a lemon cheesecake flavour may be strange at first but once you get used to it, there’s a whole world of vaping flavour and taste to discover and explore. Alternatively, there are a variety of tobacco flavoured e liquid on the market and, understandably, a lot of novices prefer to start out vaping with these. Yet, once they’re underway and happy to start experimenting, millions of vapers find they simply can’t get enough of all the flavour options there are out there to sample and enjoy.

Health benefits

You will start to notice health benefits within a few days to a few months of your vaping journey, as long as you have stopped smoking completely. There are many testimonies to be found via online sources of, for instance, previous 30- or 40-a-day smokers who’ve made the switch to vaping and experienced improved health benefits. Indeed, many vapers aren’t health professionals, but pretty much every one you’ll come across on your own personal vaping journey’s bound to point out one, two, three or more health benefits they realise they’ve experienced since making the switch.

That said, at first, you may experience some coughing; as your lungs purge all the bad stuff built up from years of smoking, better breathing when pursuing active movement, improved taste and smell and many other improvements that smoking had been detriment to.


As a smoker, you’ll only know about ‘maintenance’ in terms of needing a lighter, an ashtray and maybe rizla. With vaping, you no longer need these items but there is some important information you should know about the upkeep. To start with, pay attention to the battery level of your device and keep your charging cable on you if you are travelling out. Fortunately, most chargers come with USB cables so charging will be easily accessible in most places.

Apart from replenishing your favourite e-liquid you will also need to change your coils from time to time. The life of a coil can depend on many factors but we find, on average, they can last from one to four weeks before needing to be replaced. You will notice the need to change your coil once the flavour of your vape starts to drastically dissipate and you experience a dull taste.

Saving you money

Despite the upkeep of vaping listed above, you should expect to save money compared to smoking. The upfront cost of vaping may seem steep but remember that is worth investing in this one-off purchase. Going forward your cost will be minimal for e-liquid and replacement coils which still remain cheaper than replenishing a 20 pack of cigarettes on a regular basis.

Finally, lots of fun!

Vaping’s enjoyable, no question. Smoking has a lot of negative connotations; we all know it’s bad for our health and we’re all conscious of the smells that come with it. By contrast, vaping’s far less harmful (as much as 95 percent less according to experts!) and the only smell you have to be worried about is the sweet vapour, which doesn’t even linger. Plus, the vaping community’s a welcoming and a friendly group, many of whom have made a smoking-to-vaping journey, so really, what are you waiting for? Drop the ciggies and pick up an e-cig and get vaping!

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