Vaping’s often taken up by people who are looking to move on from cigarettes for health concerns – after all, e-cigarettes contain none of the harmful toxins to be found in tobacco-tar-filled standard ciggies. However, once they get into the new activity that vaping is for them, something often tends to happen – it becomes more than a mere activity; it becomes a hobby. And for many of these people, it inevitably becomes all about experimentation – and evolution.

One direction that vapers are eager to go in, once they get used to playing about with their ecig mods and all other manner of vaping paraphernalia, is to see just how much power they can reap from their equipment – which can bring the benefits of bigger and bigger clouds of vapour and, in some cases, ever bigger hits. So, for these serious vape session enthusiasts, it becomes about sub-ohm vaping and getting their hands on mods that’ll push back the boundaries of power. This direction then often leads them on to the unregulated power offered by mechanical mods – and the manufacturers of such devices are constantly coming up with new and improved products that boast innovations in wattage and battery power.

Powerful mech mods then are increasingly becoming all the rage among seasoned vapers and there are many excellent, high-quality examples available; many purchasable at a well-reviewed UK ecig store like us at No 1. Ejuice. Speaking of which, why not take a look at the terrific mods blessed with high-wattage power that we have just ready and waiting to be discovered and ordered by enthusiastic and ambitious vapers…?

N1 Pro 240W

With its dynamic, somewhat angular design, this mod features a replaceable back cover, behind which can be fitted two or three high-power battery cells to deliver an output of 240W. It’s also equipped with variable temperature control; a colour display; low-voltage-, over-heating- and short-circuit-protection, as well as multiple output modes (maximum output, bypass, temper and custom).

Asvape Michael VO200 TC Box Mod

With an appearance that’s both elegant and offers a little edge, the Michael VO200 may be made from zinc alloy like most mechanical mods, but is also covered by genuine carbon fibre. With dimensions of 91mm X 51mm x 34mm, it may not be the largest bit of kits, yet boasts a 200W power range, a 100-315℃ temperature range and DIY, TC, VW and bypass output modes.

Smok H-Priv 220W TC Mod

Terrifically well reviewed, the Smok H-Priv isn’t just about lots of power (all 6-220W of it), but also outstanding performance. Its appearance is sleek and stylish (in black, silver or red) and, frankly, it’ll lend a level sophistication to your vaping that very few mods are capable of matching. Manufactured in zinc alloy, its atomiser resistance range runs from 0.06-3Ω (TC Mod) and 0.1-3Ω (VW Mode), while its voltage range is 0.35-8V.

Kanger KBOX 200W Box Mod

Finally, the Kanger K is the ideal mod if you want something of a ‘pocket rocket’. Stylishly rectangular with smooth, curved edges and available in three colours (black, white and red), as well as small (at just 84mm X 56mm X 22mm) but perfectly formed (offering a maximum 200W, support from above 00.05Ω and temperature control), it’s ideal for nickel, titanium, stainless steel and ni-chrome wire and comes complete with a spring-loaded 510 connector, which means it’s easy-as-pie for users to screw on atomisers and achieve a nice, flush fit. It can also be charged via USB (micro USB not included; purchasable separately) and can be loaded with two 18650 batteries (not included in the pack).

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