You’ve probably read or heard in the media about e-cigarette batteries sparking, catching fire and even exploding. Not good for vapers out there – not least because it doesn’t make the vaping industry look as committed to safety as it really is. The truth is, though, many problems with vaping batteries are easily avoided. So long as you buy high-quality vaping products – among them high-quality batteries – and use and look after all your vaping products – again, including your batteries – as directed, you’re unlikely to encounter an issue, let alone a dangerous one.

All that said, there is one issue with batteries that maybe isn’t likely to occur to a new vaper as important; the wrapping on an e-cig battery and what could happen when it comes away from the battery itself – and what you’re highly advised to do about it…

Wrapped batteries – why?

The reason some batteries are wrapped is actually very simple – should a battery’s positive pin and the battery’s edge ever touch metal simultaneously, a spark may occur. And what of that? At worst, it could potentially cause a fire or even an explosion. That means the wrapping is there as a safety precaution; a sort of last line of defence against the worst, albeit pretty unlikely, from happening. Note: should a battery’s wrapping become damaged and you continue to use it, this is exactly the risk you’ll be running. No question; it’s important you check the wrapping of your batteries regularly – frankly, more than regularly.

How do wrapped batteries get damaged?

The most common cause for cracked or broken wrapping around an e-cig’s battery is simple wear and tear. Owing to use, it’s very possible the wrapping will just break down over time; cracking and peeling its way away from the top and bottom of the battery. Now, while this comes with the territory, causing decay of the wrapping due to mishandling of batteries shouldn’t; if you’re not careful enough with how you store, hold and fit your batteries into your device you could easily scratch or indent the wraps – and they’ll need to be replaced.

Can damaged wrapped batteries be repaired?

Should you want to try and preserve a battery whose wrapping’s been damaged rather than ditching it for a brand new one (perhaps you’d like to try and save a bit of money?), don’t worry; you’re not short on options. To start with, you might want to take your damaged battery to an e-cig equipment outlet, such as a vape shop London; one that’s capable of repairing the wrapping for you. If you don’t know how to carry out such a repair yourself, this is a highly advised option because it doesn’t pay to fiddle about with batteries – it can make a bad situation worse should your repair not be successful and you try using the thing again.

This then brings us to repairing the battery’s wrapping yourself; yes, you must only attempt that if you know what you’re doing and are properly confident. It’s not difficult to purchase a pack of battery wrappings (they’re not expensive) and, deploying a hair dryer as you work, it’s possible to re-wrap a battery in mere minutes. You’ll find, after doing some online research, there are a lot of sources out there ready to inform you how to go about this process and they’ll suggest that it’s very easy but, if you’re not 100 percent sure you can do it, don’t attempt it and find an alternative solution instead.

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