Haveyou ever been to a vape competition? If the answer is yes, then you’ll know howcool the tricks can look.

Vaping has truly evolved over the past fewyears. With the introduction of sub ohm and unregulated mod devices, you cannow find vaping kits which compared to what they were a decade ago, are trulyfuturistic. It is this evolution, continuing to snowball as the years go on,which has paved the way for vaping to take up a role of not only the cessationof tobacco dependence, but of a social community and culture. With it’s ownclothing brands, styles and way of life, vaping is snowballing into somethingtruly gigantic.

And part of the reason for this is in the hugevaping competitions that happen the world over. Whether you’re in London vape shop or a stadium in LosAngeles, you’re more than likely going to find some of the most exciting brandsout there, representing some of the coolest cloud chasers using mods today.

Vape competitions usually work with a panel ofjudges giving scores to vapers who do tricks with the thick plumes of smokethey exhale from their vapes. Staying within competition guidelines, thesevaping pros will show off their best tricks.

Most of these vaping pros will use VG heavyliquids with little to no nicotine, due to the sheer amount of vapour they willbe inhaling. If you’re thinking about getting involved, then make sure you drinkplenty of water and battle against a potential sore throat brought on byinhaling so much hot vapour.

So what are the coolest vape tricks out there?And how do you do them? Keep in mind that this is merely an introduction tothese tricks, and that you’re more than likely going to need to do a lot ofpractice before you’re ready to vape.


This cool trick is very visual indeed. Thename says it all really, and the aim of this is to have vapour wafting fromeverywhere it can. The dragon is achieved by taking a large intake of vapourand on the exhale breathing out slowly through your nose with some force. Atthe same time, exhale through your mouth which should be open only at thecorners. This means that you’ll have a multi-directioned billow of vape.


Vape rings are one of the most popular vapetricks out there. Depending on your skill level and your patience to learn, youcan blow them very large indeed. Vape rings are relatively easy to pull off intheir simplest form; simply inhale some vapour into your lungs before pursingyour lips into an “O” shape. Once you’ve done this, you can begin to exhalevape through the pursed lips. There is a knack to the exhale however. Make surethat you are exhaling direct from the throat in a sort of pulsing motion, alittle like coughing. The bigger the O shaped lips, the harder the pulsingmotion should be.


This is an offshoot of many other tricks,including the aforementioned vape rings. These tricks are known as Magnetobecause of their similarity to the effects pon metal of the telepathicsupervillain from the X Men.

There are several magne style tricks you cando.

One includes “guiding” your vape rings. Thisrequires you to blow a vape ring and with a quick flat palm movement towardsthe vape ring, you can begin to control its movement and direction, using theforce of the air you have created. You can also click with your fingers to theside of the ring to make its contents disperse.


Liquid Mist is another easy trick to pull off.This one counts as less of a trick and more of a fun effect which almost anyonecould do.

This one is more about the look than the technique.Using a glass of liquid, begin to vape into the glass, making sure your lipsare touching it. Due to the fact that vapour is heavier than air, the liquidwill stay in the glass and will stay in there, creating a cool effect on yourdrink! This is a cool one to photograph or video, and if you like you can evendrink the vapour with your liquid!

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