Vaping… what’s not to love? A healthier alternative to smoking and with some marvellous flavours thrown into the mix. And yet, as with so many things in life, the experience of vaping can always be better; it can always be improved. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your vaping exploits…

Changing flavours? Clean your tank and coil!

Pretty simple this one, really; if you don’t want a rather strange – and possibly unpleasant – mix of flavours (that of your previous E-liquid mixed with your new one), be sure to clean the tank and coil of your E-cig. That said, some flavours can blend together to create rather wonderful concoctions – and you may even fancy experimenting to try and generate your own – but keeping your device clean is advisable in order to remove any lingering old flavours when sampling new ones and, what’s more, for the upkeep of your E-cig too.

Don’t run down the battery and tank

Chances are the more you discover you like vaping, the more you’ll, well, vape. Great; so everyone’s a winner, right? So long as you ensure your E-cig’s battery is sufficiently topped up and its tank is reasonably full of E-juice, yes. Letting both of them run down will ensure that vaping’s a less satisfying experience simply because a low battery means the device has less power to do its job and a low amount of E-liquid means the device’s cotton won’t wick as well as it might. So keep on top of your battery and tank levels for smarter, better vaping!

Seek and heed good advice

Obviously we recommend everything available at No.1 Ejuice when it comes to satisfying your vaping needs, but given that vaping’s an ever evolving market and there are inevitably people out there – relatively veteran vapers – much more in the know than ‘newbies’, then should you be one of the latter it’s very much in your interest to seek out the opinions of those in the know and the folks who have their ears to the ground. We’re talking trusted people you know vape, sales assistants and reviewers online – what you want is to make purchasing choices that are informed, not made blind; extra information can therefore be very useful.

Fixing that burnt coil taste

Not only does the research constantly tell us vaping’s better for your health than smoking, but – let’s face it – the taste is so much better too. Not least because of all those fantastically diverse vape juice flavours on the market (and the best of them available through No.1 Ejuice, of course). No wonder then that the bane of many a vaper’s existence is when they encounter that familiar but unwelcome taste of burning. Where does it come from? How can you fix it?

It comes from the coil inside the E-cig burning and usually happens because the vaper’s a little too impatient to get going, thus they’ve not allowed the coil to be saturated enough first. Still, although it’s burning, the coil may not have been ruined. To find out, unscrew the top – because sometimes the top’s airtight seal has a habit of creating a suction effect that prevents the liquid fully saturating the coil’s cotton. Then screw the top on again and take a quick pull on the E-cig without depressing the button; after which leave it for around 10 minutes. Following this, should you find the burning taste’s still around, the coil most likely will have been ruined – in fact, if the coil in question isn’t new, it may simply be worn out and need replacing anyway.

As an addendum to this, you may find the coil needs changing, irrespective of whether there’s a burning taste or not, simply so you get the fullest possibleflavour out of new E-liquids. Check the coil to be sure; if it looks grey or muted as opposed to white and/ or bright, you may well find that by changing it for a new one your E-juices suddenly taste much more flavoursome and, well, awesome!

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