Takeheed, vape devices CAN explode.

Back in the summer of 2017, a bomb disposalunit was rushed to Euston station in London after a loud bang was heard frominside the station. At a time when the police and the public were especiallyjumpy (and for good reason), commuters fell into a mass panic and ran,screaming from the station. This led to the police cordoning off the stationand caused massive delays across the city.

The culprit was not a bomb scare, but anexploding vape device. In large crowds, these devices have been known to causemass panic and even if you’re by yourself and your vape device goes off, it canhurt you and others in the direct vicinity.

This is usually a problem which occurs inunregulated vape devices, those which make the most of flexible innercomponents which can be swapped and chopped to the tastes of the vaper.However, vape malfunctions do extend to simpler devices such as the cigalikeand the vape pen if you do not handle your equipment correctly.

Why dovape devices explode?

There are a range of reasons why vape devicesexplode and many of them can lead to damaging effects that can harm yourphysically and even start fires in your home. From vape spit back burning yourmouth or face, to a loss of teeth due to a vape blowing up in your mouth, thereare a wide range of injuries which have occurred due to vape devices bursting.The one thing which is common to all cases is that each accident was very muchavoidable.


Shortingthe circuit

This is a problem which mostly occurs inunregulated mods. The unregulated mod is unique in that it gives the vaper achance to build their own deck. This means you have to have a knowledge ofcircuit building and the components in a vape device but also mean that youhave more freedom. Without this knowledge, it is very easy to get the voltageswrong, or even bring too much power into your vape device. This can lead toshort circuits and vape devices bursting.

Overchargingyour device

Leaving your vape device or rechargeablebatteries to charge for too long can lead to them shorting your vapes circuit.If you’re trying to maintain a vape devices health, make sure that you don’tleave your batteries on charge when they are full. If this doesn’t lead to afull on vape explosion, then it can lead to a life lessened battery pack. Ironically,charging your batteries for too long will make them last far less.


Whilst high quality devices should be a given,batteries are often overlooked in regards to quality. In general we takebatteries as a given. They are often thought to be of high quality whilst inreality, if you’re not careful you could be placing damaged goods into yourvape device. Rewrapped batteries are often pre used and damaged, leading tothem exploding when inside your vape device.

Powerbutton problems

This is one which relates to vape pens aswell. The power button on a device is the button you press to engage thebattery. When this is held down, you can inhale vapour as the circuit has gonelive. If your vape battery power button has been jammed, then you run the riskof over charging your circuit.

Knowingyour electrics

So, what do you do to avoid a vape explosion?First off, if you don’t know your electrics then steer clear of unregulatedmods, and if you go for a simpler device such as a vape pen, always read themanual to make sure you’re using the right batteries and the right chargingkit.

Onlyuse quality products

Finally, make sure you only buy qualityproducts. London vape shops are highin number, much like in any other city, and are well known for selling only thebest vape devices. Always be wary of second hand devices and off brand vapejuices, ensuring that if you shop online that you do a background check on thecompany you’re buying from. Buying faulty products can be extremely dangerous,whether it be bootlegged and toxic vape juices or devices which could short outon you.

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