If you are going for a meal or want to book a summer break away then you usually tend to go for the same options. Every year, you travel to Spain in the holidays for a fortnight, and only tend to look at hotels located in a specific region. And this is the case when you sit down for dinner in your favourite restaurant. Although you know the menu off by heart you know exactly what dish you will be ordering and what drink you will choose to accompany it.

In a way, this can be a good thing, as you will not be disappointed if you have an idea of what you are getting. A simple spaghetti Bolognese and a glass of house red are the perfect combination, and even though this is a relatively safe choice, it is still tasty, hearty and very filling.

Flying to popular European hotspots such as Spain means that you are guaranteed sun, sea and sand, and the kids will be entertained whilst you can sit back, put your feet up and watch the world go by. You know that the resort of your choosing provides exceptional customer service and the hospitality is first-rate, so why would you want to venture anywhere else?

The same can be said when you are deciding what to put in an e-cigarette. You have already splashed a bit of cash on a rather snazzy-looking new tank, and now want to find the perfect vape juice which will taste absolutely incredible. Normally, you would definitely go for fruity, sweeter flavours but why not think outside of the box and opt for something entirely different?

This does not necessarily mean that you should completely change your individual preferences and try menthol-based e-liquids or anything relatively savoury, as you could perhaps see how you fare with dessert-based blends instead. Creamy custard vapes are always a great choice, and if they are paired with sharper flavours such as rhubarb then you really are onto a winner.

You know that if you go to your favourite vape shop or online store then you can get some much-needed advice from the experts, as they know what they are talking about. So if you are unsure about trying a new e-juice then you can always test it out beforehand and see what you think. If it is not for you then at least you have given it a go.

For more adventurous types, vibrant, mouth-filling e-juices such as the scrummy Lime Berry by Mo-Mo E-Liquid, as well as their ever-so-delectable Tropi-Cool E-Liquid will be right up your street. The intensity of the vape will hit you straightaway, but it is not overly powerful, so you will get an enjoyable aftertaste and that all-important ‘throat hit’. In order to determine whether or not an e-juice is of a high standard, and also see if a tank is functioning effectively, then you have to get that lovely tickling sensation at the back of the throat.

Although many people concentrate on getting the most out of an e-juice, this cannot be achieved without top of the range tanks, as everything needs to be in perfect working order. If you are furnished with a tank which is below par then this can ruin the entire vaping experience, so you have to consider all options before making a final verdict.

Tanks are far from heavy and cumbersome nowadays, as you can find sleek, slim-line models on the market if you do a little bit of detective work. The reason why there are so many options available to customers in recent years is because vaping has become so popular, and more and more people are deciding it is a far more viable alternative to smoking tobacco.

So why not see what’s in store as you may discover a great new e-liquid which you never would have expected to enjoy. Go on, you know you want to!


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