Investing in the right vape mod can be a tricky task. Finding the perfect one for you is no mean feat.

Vape mods are some of the most powerful vape devices on the market today. Finding the one that suits your needs can be incredibly difficult, and whilst there is no real way to tell what will suit you until you have it there in front of you and are vaping with it, the vape devices of the present day are becoming ever more complex and will offer a wide range of functions for your e juice vaping needs. Below are some of our favourite devices, and the ways in which they will benefit you.

Asvape Michael VO200 TC Box Mod

The Asvape Michael 200 is a temperature control box mod with a compact yet alluring design. The zinc alloy casing makes this a sturdy and lightweight model, whilst its wide range of features make it a great value addition to any vaping enthusiasts’ collection.

The Asvape is a multi-mode mod and comes with a variety of unique patterns and designs on its exterior. What’s more, the standard use 0.2-ohm resistance minimum makes this device just above sub ohm, but still packs a punch on the inhale due to its 200 watts worth of power.

In bypass mode you can take this mod into sub ohm vaping realms, with a minimum resistance of 0.08 ohms, whilst the addition of USB and microchip ports make this device firmware upgradeable.

VOOPOO Black Drag Resin 157W TC Box MOD

This stylish box mod is available in many vape shops and comes in a diverse range of black zinc alloy framed finishes. With marvellous multicoloured marble, jade, turquoise and even azure, the finishes on the VOOPOO make them worth the purchase for their style alone.

Though it holds up on style, the power on the VOOPOO Black Drag doesn’t scrimp on efficient and powerful currents either. With an output maximum voltage of 7.5 volts, the VOOPOO also pushes into the sub ohm range, touching down at a light 0.05 ohms. With variable wattage and temperature control settings, this device is one of the most exciting box mods on the market, pairing power flexibility with an innovative style.

VGOD Elite Mech Mod

This mech mod is the cloud chasers dream, especially with its lightweight and portable size. The unique design of the VGOD Elite means that it fits snugly in your hand, more similar in design to a vape pen than it is to the boxier mods out there. The cigar like black and brown gold coloured device comes with a copper contact and carbon fibre switch. This multi -materialled device also comes with the VGOD flag and crest design, making its mark on vapes everywhere.

Whilst pocket sized, this mech mod doesn’t scrimp on power settings, allowing for a hefty vape puff which will no doubt be satisfying for cloud chasers everywhere.

Pulse BF 80w Squonk Box Mod by Vandy Vape

This black box mod comes with a range of design colours and a whole host of unique attributes. With an inbuilt tank which allows you to measure the amount of vape juice you have left, the Squonk Box Mod is both stylish and practical. With a rainbow patchwork of multicolour marble patterns, the various designs of the Squonk Mod will really make the device your own.

On top of this, you’ll be able to find a range of variable wattage and temperature control additions to the Pulse BF which will really help you find that vaping sweet spot for your device.

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