It is a misrepresentation of vaping that you can simply pick up a vape and taste high quality liquids without a thought. The reality however, is that vape liquids need to be cultivated and tailored to your personal tastes. Of course, this is easier if you are using a mod with temperature controls and variable wattage, but can still be tailored to your specific tastes if you are using a more primitive device. Whatever your needs, there are plenty of tips and tricks to enhance the flavour of your e juice.

Invest in higher PG vape juice

Propylene glycol is one of the two organic compounds upon which e liquids are mixed on. Propylene glycol, paired with vegetable glycerine creates the mix of thickness and taste which can be altered depending on your personal tastes. The propylene glycol content of an e liquid is focussed on the taste and nicotine in an e liquid, and so its presence in higher quantities ensure that you get more taste than a VG led vape juice.

Avoid vapers tongue

Vapers tongue is often mythologised, in that many reasons are given for its occurrence in vapers. Whilst some see vapers tongue as a symptom of worn down taste buds, others see it as a sign of shoddy vape juice quality. In reality, it is an amalgamation of the two. Vapers tongue occurs when you vape one e liquid flavour for a long period of time. The frequency of vaping this flavour means that the taste is hindered on a psychological level, your taste buds responding to lessening rewards. In short, the more you vape one flavour, the less you’ll taste it. To counter the effects of vapers tongue, simply swap your vape juice flavours every once in a while, cleansing the palette and in the process trying something new.

Invest in good coils

Coils in rebuildable vape devices are the key to low resistance vaping. The lower the resistance of your coil, the more you’ll be inhaling. Sub ohm vaping, whilst reserved for higher VG liquids will enhance your taste on account of the sheer volume of vapour produced by the inhale. If you want the best e coils to sub ohm vape with, ensure that you have a larger surface area on your coil, allowing more electricity to heat up the atomiser.

Tighten the airflow

Tightening the airflow on your vape device is easy enough. All vape devices which have the capacity for airflow tightening, usually work through a sliding collar or dial at the base of the mouthpiece or the tank. The less air in your inhale, the more pure vapour you’ll get.

Enhancing your rebuildable dripper

Make the most of pure e liquid flavour by investing in a dripper device. These devices work through the discarding of a tank in favour of a hole above the atomiser. This means that you can drip e liquid directly onto the atomiser, therefore bypassing the vape circuit and receiving a purer vape hit. With the tank gone, you will have to drip e liquid every ten to twenty puffs, but with the betterment of your vape flavour.

Premium e liquids taste far better

If you’re lucky enough to live near or have access to dedicated vape shops, then you’re in luck. The flavours sold by companies such as No 1 e juice, are tailored to and picked by vape connoisseurs. This means that quality is never an issue and ensures that every inhale, whether mouth to lung or direct to lung, is made with only the best ingredients and will keep you more than satisfied.

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