Vaping is known for its incredible range of flavours. Whether you’re looking for an earthy tobacco or a sharp sweet candy flavour, there are plenty out there to choose from. It’s what makes the vape industry so diverse; the range of flavours really are a tribute to the depths of the human imagination. That’s why it’s always crucial to ensure that you have done everything you can to enhance your vape flavour. Below are some of the top tips for how to keep your vape flavours in tip top shape.

Coil priming

The coil has a surprisingly important role when it comes to the flavour of your e juice by creating the resistance in your device. Priming the coil and wick is a method to prevent it burning. Coil priming not only helps prevent a burnt coil, but helps make sure your wick is fully saturated, ensuring as full a flavour as possible when vaping.

To prime your device, inhale without pressing the fire button, this will ensure that any new vape juice in your device is saturated by the wicking material, sucked further through the device by your inhales. Once you have taken four or five dry hits, you can then get to actual vaping!

Avoid coil cooking

If your vapes coil is degrading, you’ll need to replace it to retain the flavour and stop any pollutants getting in to your vape hit. If your coil is degrading. It means that the metal will begin to burn, meaning that when you vape you’ll also taste burnt metal as well as e juice which hasn’t been vaporised, but cooked on the faulty coil. This could lead to spit back, when congealed vape juice boils and spits out of your device. No one wants burning hot vape juice spitting into their face, and no vape device wants congealed vape juice blocking its innards.

PG and VG ratios

PG and VG ratios are incredibly important when it comes to vape flavour. The higher the vegetable glycerine ratio, the bigger the vape cloud and thickness of the vape juice. The propylene glycol is the compound in vape juice which carries the flavour and nicotine. Higher PG juices will therefore be low on vapour production but big on flavour, often leading to a bigger throat hit.

Wash out your vape tank

Wash out your vape tank to ensure that you don’t mix your flavours. If you have finished one bottle of vape juice, then rinse out the tank before you fill up again. This can be done with awarm water soak or with ethanol or alcohol for a deep clean.

The myths of vapers tongue

Vapers tongue is the nightmare scenario of any vape flavour fan. The curse of vapers tongue comes about when whilst vaping, the taste becomes less potent. This is a scenario which many people put down to the vape juice or the device, but actually comes down to something more psychological than that.

Put simply, the more you vape with a single flavour, the more you’ll get used to the flavour, and the less potent it will be.

Change up your flavours

That’s why it’s always wise to change your flavours up every once in a while. This will bring you more variety and keeps your vape journey moving forwards.

Keep your vape juice stored safely

Storing your vape juice safely means keeping it in a cool and dry place as well as ensuring you give it enough time to steep. Steeping is a process which you can liken to the fermenting alcohol. The longer you let your vape juice steep, the more potent the flavour will be.

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