Top Tips For Quitting Smoking With Vaping

Vaping has long been used as a great way toquit smoking. Whilst heavy smokers giving up cigarettes would encounter a lowmood and higher irritability, vaping decreases these symptoms and allows for a smoothtransition from smoking. The only problem has been that there is a lack ofclinical evidence to bolster the claim that vaping is an effective and lesspainful way of giving up smoking…

That was until February of this year when theNew England Medical Journal published a research paper studying the effects ofquitting smoking via different methods of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).At the end of the year, the number of ex-smokers who had abstained fromcigarettes via vaping was at 18 per cent of the nearly 9000 test subjects,rather than 10 per cent of those using other forms of NRT.

What this shows is that quitting smoking canbe incredibly difficult, even when vaping. After all, 82 per cent of thesubjects had returned to cigarettes to some degree. But, what tips can we learnfrom that precious 18 per cent?

Get to know the gear

From your TPDcompliant tanks to your wicking cotton, part of integrating vaping intoyour life is to get accustomed to the different components you’ll be using.With many of the better vape devices, you’ll have to get your head around avariety of terms and processes, ensuring that you get the most out of yourdevice.

Vape how you want to

Everybody has different preferences. If youprefer a sharp throat hit, then make sure you get a high PG ratio in your vapejuice, whilst cloud chasers prefer the density of high VG juices. It’sdecisions like this which make a trip to the e liquid supplier that little moreexciting, helping you personalise your experience far more than cigarettesmoking ever could.

Find the right nicotine strength

Nicotine strength is important for satisfyingthe ex-smoker. The highest concentration in pre-filled liquids is 20 mg ofnicotine per 10 ml bottle. If you were a heavy smoker, you’ll want a highernicotine concentration, whilst lighter smokers can drop down to 3 mg, and evennicotine free e liquids.

Connect with others who are quitting

Create a community of vapers around you.Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will fortify your want to quitsmoking. If you have other people to talk to, swap stories and advice with,then you’ll be far more likely to continue vaping.

Regulate your intake

Make sure that you’re not vaping too much ortoo little. Finding the right balance to suit your nicotine needs is important.Too much nicotine can make you feel nauseous, whilst with too little, you’llfeel like that itch just hasn’t scratched.

Have fun!

Last off, have fun with it! Vaping should be anexciting experience. With so many devices, settings and flavours out on themarket, you can try a new vape sensation every day, making it diverse, rich andabove all far healthier than smoking ever could be.

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