Tips For Keeping Your E cigarettes and E liquid in Top Condition

Since the introduction of e cigarettes in 2003, they have grown in popularity as an alternative to tobacco products. However, having a great e cigarette and e liquid is not always enough because the device suffers wear and tear from its use. Fortunately, there are tips that can help you keep the e cigarette and e-liquid in tip-top condition.

Keep Battery Terminal Clean

Dirty terminals can interfere with the performance of the e cigarettes. Clean the terminal and clearomizer with a cotton bud to enhance the performance of the battery.

Don’t Let E Juice Run Low

When e juice is below the holes in the atomisers, the atomiser will not be able to draw in enough e liquid. This will not only risk the burning of your atomiser out, but also taste foul. Ensure the e liquid does not run low by regularly topping it up. At the same time, make sure you don’t overfill the clearomizer.

Store the E Cig Properly

The air holes on the clearomizer provide sufficient airflow over the coil to keep the vape at a comfortable temperature. They are equally crucial for ensuring that the wick stays soaked with e liquid. Always store your e cigarette upright to avoid flooding the airspace, keep away from direct light, water and high temperatures.

Keep the Mouthpiece Clear

Dust and fluff can easily accumulate in the mouthpiece, blocking the flow of vapour. Regularly remove the mouthpiece and blow through it to clear. You can also rinse it in warm water or use a twist of soft pad to clear any condensed e liquid.

Change the Atomiser and Coil

Supposing you are using a replaceable clearomizer coils, change the coils monthly to maintain the top performance, especially when you are getting a burnt taste or hearing a gurgling noise.

Don’t Screw the Clearomizer Too Tightly

If you screw the clearomizer too tightly, it might damage the connections. Ensure the screw is firm, but not too tight. The clearomizer is always very easy to unscrew from the battery. However, if it proves to be tough, use a rubber grip to loosen it. Never use spanners and related tools, as this may damage both the battery and clearomizer. Try to avoid mis-threading the clearomizer whenever you screw in the atomiser and coil. Just turn it anti-clockwise until you hear a click sound.

Don’t Run the Battery Down

In case the battery is flashing even if it’s fully charged, you might be inhaling on it. Most e-cigarettes have a battery-saving function to warn you by flash or cut the power if it’s been inhaled for more than 3 seconds at a time. It is advisable not to inhale on it for such a duration, try to check on it, otherwise you are going to go through your batteries and consequently render it useless.

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