Thinking of Quitting the Cigs? Easy Steps to Moving on to Vaping

It’s no surprise that vape devices have become the preferred method of smoking cessation. Over the past decade, we’ve seen thousands of devices hit the market, all bringing something new to the table. With easy-to-use flexibility and custom-built mods, vaping has surpassed the role of smoking cessation tool and has nurtured a culture in and of itself.

More and more people are quitting smoking, and as e liquid suppliers we know that this is no mean feat. If you’re thinking of quitting smoking and considering the switch to vaping, you’ve already done half the work in considering the healthier option. We’ve compiled a list of pointers that will help you take the next step to vaping, which has been proven to be 98 per cent less harmful than smoking.

Start with something simple

Most ex-smokers are not looking for a variable wattage device, complete with temperature control settings and rebuildable atomisers, but something to quell their nicotine craving. This means going for the simple solution to start with. With many easy to use vape pens and pod-based devices available, ex-smokers will find it easy to make the switch with manageable, effective and fun devices.

Get positive about vaping

The best way to mentally prepare yourself for the switch is to surround vaping with positive connotations. When looking at the benefits of vaping compared to smoking, there are very few negative results, it’s only those casting suspicion and doubt who could cloud your judgement. Whilst healthy debate on any topic is great and should be widely encouraged, don’t let it stop you giving up cigarettes for good.

Find a community

On the same note of positivity, building a community around vaping can lessen your chances of relapsing to tobacco and keep you interested in vaping. Share tips, hut down those TPD clearance sales, compare kit and learn how to up your vaping game. Before you know it, vaping has become a social hobby.

Find the right nicotine strength

Overdoing your nicotine intake can lead to headaches and nausea. As smokers, everyone had a different level of addiction to nicotine, and so utilising the various strengths of e liquids will help you to find your personal sweet spot when it comes to satisfying your itch. In general, 3 to 6 mg per 10 ml bottle are best for those who were lighter smokers.

Medium range ex-smokers tend to go for the 9 to 12 mg concentrations, whilst heavier smokers will want to look for e juices with 15 to 18 mg.

Go flavour hunting

There are countless flavours to choose from for the ex-smoker. With so much more choice than any tobacco brand could offer, you can go for any number of vape flavours, and could even mix your own! This is all part of the fun of vaping, and the almost infinite number of flavours is a definite draw for the ex-smoker looking for some true variety in their life.

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