The Vision Spinner Version 2 1600mAh: A Futuristic E Cig Battery

Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity because many people enjoy the sensation of smoking, but are not exactly thrilled with the smoke that enters their lungs. The flavored water vapor in E Cig is a much better alternative. In order for the E-liquid to be heated though, a battery source is required. A good battery source such as the Vision Spinner V2 1600mAh is definitely going to be preferred thanks to its high degree of reliability and performance. 

What allows the Vision Spinner V2 1600mAh to stand out? The battery has a few interesting features associated with it.

The one feature that is really going to help the ecig battery rise above its competitors is the simple fact it remains the highest capacity variable voltage unit on the market. In the simplest of terms, that means you get a lot of juice from this battery for quite a long time. No one wants to start relaxing and enjoying an electronic cigarette only to find the battery dies out with no warning. The length of the charge on the Vision Spinner V2 is designed with a long powering life, a huge plus for consumers.

And speaking of warnings....

One interesting feature associated with this e cig battery is the unique warning light system that has been built into it. No one has to worry about being caught unexpectedly off guard by a diminishing battery. Three light indicators tell you exactly when the battery is starting to declining in power. A white light battery charge indicator turns on when the unit is at 60%-100% capacity. A blue light reflects 30%-60% capacity and an Orange light logs 0-30% left.

Why is the battery so much more reliable than its predecessor and, for that matter, other batteries on the market?

The model is, of course, called version two because it offers an upgrade over the previous version. With the new upgrade, the original PCB circuitry and the highly important battery cell are enhanced. E cig UK fans get a lot more power thanks to the changes.

Turning up the power and the voltage on the e cig battery is made quite easy thanks to the presence of a simple spin dial at the bottom of the battery. The dial is not stiff at all. Lightly turning the dial means you can access the power you require to make your vaping sessions as enjoyable as you wish. At no time do you have to struggle with getting the right amount of power you prefer.

The Vision Spinner V2 1600mAh truly is an amazing innovative new battery for electronic cigarette fans. Enjoying an E cig can only be done when the device is effectively powered. The V2 offers the perfect amount of power to ensure the vaping cig can be enjoyed at any time and with great reliability.

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