DIY vaping has become a huge trend in recent years. Treated as both a social and personal trend, many UK e juice connoisseurs have created their own blends to suit their styles and personal tastes. If you are looking for that perfect vape juice blend but can’t find it in the shops, then DIY vaping might be the perfect fit for you. So, what has led to this gradual boom, and how can you get involved?

Cut down costs

One of the most attractive aspects of creating your own vape juice, is that once you have bought the bulk of the ingredients, you will be saving money on your vape juice consumption. With vape juice concentrates starting at as little as £2, and flavourings even cheaper, you could be saving heaps of cash on your vaping habits.

Keep ahead of the TPD regulations

Vaping regulations mean that the maximum nicotine concentration in pre-filled vape juices is 20 mg. For many ex heavy smokers, this could be too little to satiate their needs, and so DIY vaping and liquid mixing has taken the helm in overcoming these overlooked needs. This means that there is always

Make it a social hobby

Mixing vape liquids needn't be a solitary experience. Finding ways to make it social will make the experience a lot funner. DIY vape liquids can pave the way to competitions, whether cloud chasing or vape tasting. Vape mixing gives you the chance to bring friends together and try to create new flavours, bringing the communal aspect of vaping to the forefront of the experience. There are plenty, much like with cooking a good meal, vape mixing can be equally as fun when it is a team effort.

You could even get into business!

With many awards handed out every year to newfound vape companies, it's no surprise that there are so many DIY vapers going into business. Whether it started as a few friends mixing together, practice always makes perfect, and when perfect, vape mixers could become one of the best independent businesses out there. The industry is booming, and always on the lookout for fresh new liquid flavours to try

What you need to make your own vape liquids

So what do you need to create your own vape juices? it's quite simple at the end of the day, vape liquid only contains five ingredients, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine, water and flavourings. These are all available separately and as part of home kits. These home kits are available from many vape shops across the country and give you the chance to mix your ratios how you want them.

First off, you'll have to find the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine ratio that you want. Most cloud chasers have a VG heavy ratio due to it carrying the thickness of the vape juice, making the clouds denser when vaping. PG carries the nicotine and flavour of the vape hit, making it a sharper throat hit than VG heavy liquids.

Next its time to choose your nicotine concentration. Finding the concentration to suit your needs is vital for your vape liquid enjoyment. Nicotine shots are available which give you the chance to blend your nicotine in the levels you are comfortable with, finding the perfect hit for your needs.

Once you have gauged the nicotine and PG VG ratios, it's time to add your flavourings. The world is your oyster here, and there are almost unlimited possibilities.

Once you have mixed the right measurements of ingredients, it's time to steep your e liquid. This can take up to a few weeks, and gives the e liquids various elements to infuse together.

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