The Benefits of E Cigarette

E-cigarettes vs. Traditional Cigarettes


Cigarette smoke contains a scent that is not easy to avert from. It often sticks itself to each and everything it comes into contact with. A lot of people are often displeased by this. It is considered rather uninviting and offensive therefore close contact is avoided.

On the brighter side, e-cigarettes are more preferable. The process of blowing out the smoke is not involved here; instead a user only exhales a vapor that immediately evaporates. As a result the patriots of e-cigarette and even the non-smokers have nothing to worry about. They have also reported that the smoke does not exist while others claim to smell cotton candy.


E-cigarettes are way cheaper than the traditional cigarettes. Initially the cigarettes were cheap hence easy to purchase, but with time the costs have gone up to ranges from $7 to $12 throughout the world. Some of this cost increase is from inflation. Most of it however results from tax increase that affects a single pack. The smoker who consumes one pack each day, may end up spending up to $300 each month. This does not however include the cost of incidentals such as ash trays and many more.

E-cigarettes are much more pocket friendly. Apart from the one time beginning costs that may be slightly high due to the purchase of the starter kit, the monthly expenses are lower. They tend to be almost half of the cost when compared to traditional cigarettes. Also, with time the technology becomes increasingly developed and therefore costs will continue to decline.


Traditional cigarettes are in fact the number one cause of fire related deaths in the US and seven other countries globally. The ‘burning’ that it does, not to mention the use of open flame to get it lit up is a major contribution factor.

With e-cigarettes, no burning takes place hence there is no need for an open flame to be used.


While it is not yet a proven fact that e-cigarettes are healthier, we can easily point at the health risks that traditional cigarettes possess. Research shows that traditional cigarettes put users at high risk of a number of life threatening. Lately, many e-cigarette customers have reported feeling better physically after switching to electronic smoking.


A social impact of using traditional cigarettes is the negativity viewed from this habit. A lot of these smokers are silently set aside and even looked down upon. This is as a result of the odor and clinginess of the smoke, to even the health penalties and expenses, traditional cigarette smokers have received a lashing from society.

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