As vapers progress along their vaping journey, it’s natural for them to explore and discover what’s possible with more complex and more capable e-cig devices. A good example comes in the form of mods fitted with temperature control – because it can result in many benefits for the vaping experience…

Dry hit prevention

Like it or not; as time passes and your vaping story develops, you’re bound to experience a dry hit. Whatever the reason for it – perhaps you didn’t refill when your e-liquid dropped below an appropriate level or your device’s wicking isn’t up to scratch – should you switch to using a mod with temperature control (TC) your days of dry hits will likely be over. Should you regularly fail to refill when your tank’s practically or entirely empty of fluid, it won’t matter anymore. A TC mod’s capable of detecting when its wicking runs dry because it’ll ensure the temperature at which the device operates is higher, thus, cutting the power – which results in less fluid being heated and turned to vapour rather than no vapour, burnt wick and dry hits. Efficient and effective.

Safety first vaping

When vaping, safety has to come first; of course, it does. And this is another area in which the temperature control function of a mod comes into its own. In fact, one of the principal factors behind the development of temperature control settings has been to ensure that devices’ wattage doesn’t rise too high, ask too much of batteries and prove too much for coils to handle; in short, TC helps prevent mods from exploding. Moreover, temperature control also helps prevent any possible inhalation of carbonyls like formaldehyde, which (unusually, but still) can happen due to dry-wicking.

Longer life spans

And, speaking of batteries, mods fitted with temperature control can ensure the batteries they contain last longer than most variable wattage e-cig devices. This is because TC enables the vaper to set the temperature of their device – one that’s no higher than necessary to heat the coil for vaporising e-juice and so not wasting unnecessary battery power. Additionally, a TC mod is likely to lengthen the life span of the coil and wick it’s fitted with; again, because of the ability to set minimum temperatures for quality vaping, thus protecting the integrity of coils and wicks and ensuring they too last longer.

Flavour enhancement

Yes, you’ve probably been vaping away happily for some time, blissfully unaware of the advantages that controlling your device’s temperature can grant the overall experience. Yet, this particular benefit could be the clincher that induces you to make the TC switch – it’s true; temperature control can improve the flavour of your vape. How so? Simply because some coils are liable to operate better at certain wattages, not least because, should the coil have been heated at that sweet-spot temperature several times in a row, its device can truly get the most out of a quality vape shop’s e-liquid. Temperature control then enables you to adjust your device’s temperature (or, more specifically, its watts/ joules setting) according to which juice you’re filling it with and about to vape. It’s all about increased flexibility and improved refinement – and that means enhanced flavour. A big win-win!

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