St. Patrick's Day Special offer 10% OFF all green bottles for 1 week | Cyda Vape 25ml| Blue Slush 50ml | Dr Frost Honeydew & Blackcurrant 100ml

St. Patrick's Day Special offer! 10% OFF all green bottles for one week!

This St. Patricks Day we don't celebrate just one day but 1 week! So enjoy 10% off on all green juices from our entire collection!

Lustro 200w Mod by Asmodus - £59.95 

The Lustro is Asmodus latest and greatest box mod, incorporating several innovations that they feel will change the world of vaping forever, starting a trend of advanced, high-tech devices with features that turn a vaporiser from a simple nicotine-delivery device into a modern piece of technology similar to a smartphone or laptop.

Dr Frost Honeydew Blackcurrant 100ml just arrived! - £22.95 

Dr Frost Honeydew & Blackcurrant is here to cool you off on these sunny warm days to keep you cool and refreshed

New Arrival - Blue Slush by Yankee Juice Co. 50ml - £9.95

 Just like the cinema special icy drink this Berry fusion delivers a punch.

New Arrival - Cyda Vape 25ml (30ml bottle) - £6.95

All their e-liquids are handmade in London, UK, in small batches using the highest quality ingredients to ensure premium quality and flavour. Each E-liquid has its own distinct taste, which can be felt not only on inhale but on exhale too.

Chubby Fruit Vapes 50ml - £12

The Custard Company 50ml - £10

New Arrival - Double Drip 50ml Shortfill - £14.95 

Made in the UK by industry-leading experts Vapour Labs, Double Drip is their latest range of maximum VG e-liquids designed for great clouds and amazing flavour. The Double Drip range of "coil sauce" are so good, you'll want to double drip again and again! They are the perfect e-juice to go with any SUB-OHM setup

Panda Cola 25ml (30ml bottle) - £6.95

YOU asked and they LISTENED! 25ml 0 nicotine e-liquids are here at last. A "cub sized" Panda E-liquid.

Tang E-Juice 80ml (100ml bottle) - £12

Tang Ejuice Co have lovingly created a range which not only takes you back to your youth but also reminds you of that refreshing sensation of a cold fizzy drink on a hot day. These juices are not to be missed!

Slotter Pop The Grape White 50ml - £14.95


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