Snappy by name, snappy by taste; Snap Liquids’ e-juice flavours are fruity delights from the start of the inhale to the very end of the exhale – every single time. Bringing together cultured mixology techniques with an eye for (ahem) snappy packaging, this LA-based company knows its beans, all right (or rather its e-liquid tastes)!

Every one of its offerings is liable to result in a mouth-watering all-day vape; yes, really! Which is why in this article we’re especially highlighting the Snap Liquid range in all its glory and giving you the lowdown on what we *really* think of it.

Steeped for long periods, blended to the precise point so flavour-delivery will be at its optimum, each of Snap Liquids’ flavours features kosher-grade nicotine and its bottle is equipped with a child safety cap and the Proposition 65 warning label. You can be sure of quality control as well as great taste with these juices…

Peach Iced Tea by Snap

Throwing together the tastes of green and black tea leaves with that of sweet, ripe peaches, Peach Iced Tea offers up exactly the right level of sweetness for a thoroughly refreshing vape. Indeed, you might well find this flavour something of a pleasant change to many an e-liquid UK – the refreshment’s derived by the lightness of the tea and the stronger peach sensation. The throat hit with a 3mg nicotine strength is what many would class as mild-to-medium.

Apple by Snap

An ideal combo of crispy, tangy Granny Smith green apples and bright red Washington apples? You decide! To be honest, you’re bound to find this blend of sweet apples perfectly refreshing; a nice and pleasant vape, to say the least. A feature that may win many over is the fact the sweet apple taste fades and doesn’t linger on the lips following an exhale – enticing you to plunge into your next inhale? You betcha! The throat hit (3mg nicotine) is generally pretty mild.

Mad Mango by Snap

Put together by a scientist and mixologist, this fine e-juice is blended to perfection; you can be assured of that. And, frankly, once you taste it, it’s pretty obvious – as the mango flavour is extremely tasty, its flavour coming off as very natural and exotic. You’ll doubtless find yourself guilty of many a tank refill! The throat hit for this one (3mg nicotine) tends to be of fairly mild strength.

Raspberry Iced Tea by Snap

It’s true; summer’s not quite over yet, so why not quench this thirst of yours on one of sunny days before the end of September with Snap Liquids’ Raspberry flavour? Often referred to by practically every online retailer and every vape shop as ‘Raspberry Iced Tea’, it might be said this is a bit of a misnomer, as there’s not much of a trace of tea taste when you get to vaping it. That said; it is, yes, still refreshingly delicious, featuring as it does a very enjoyable raspberry flavour on the inhale. All the more so because it’s actually noticeably sweeter than the flavour you experience when biting into a natural raspberry. Chances are then, tea taste or no taste, you’ll find you have no problems whatsoever getting through your bottle of this one, which means it’s pretty ideal for an all-day vape. Again, the throat hit (3mg nicotine) is a pretty much medium strength.

Kiwi Strawberry by Snap

Another that’s surely perfect for those (few remaining) summer days this year, this flavour’s all about the ‘tang’ and a fairly unique one at that, what with comprising kiwis mixed together with sweet, luscious taste of ripe strawberries. So then, why not sweeten up your day with Snap’s Kiwi Strawberry and get to grips with a double combo of oh-so sweety goodness? It’s a taste sensation that, once you’ve vaped it, you’re probably unlikely to turn your nose up at again, for sure. The throat hit (3mg nicotine) for this one’s what many vapers would probably rate mild-to-medium strength.

Snap Liquids 300ml Value Pack

Finally, here’s a fine offer… the opportunity to snap up the ultimate Snap Liquids value pack. Simply choose any combination from the five flavours above – to make up 10 bottles in total – and get your mitts on 300ml’s worth of high-quality, delicious e-liquid at a bargain price. Who can say fairer than that, honestly!

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