E-liquids are perfect for satisfying those pesky food cravings. Want to indulge in some lemon drizzle cake? There’s an e-liquid for that. Dying for some chocolate? Have a hit of a choccy flavoured e-cig to beat away the hunger pangs.

How about a thick and creamy all-American style milkshake? Mmm, oh yes, that’s the one! Nothing hits the nostalgia button like a milkshake.

More and more milkshake flavoured vapes are becoming available online, but which one is the best to satisfy your sugar hit? You don’t want a cheap imitation of a milkshake. You want something that gives you the real thing.

Milkshake Liquids

Milkshake Liquids are dedicated to providing vapers with sensational milky, creamy, delicious, lip-smacking flavors to make their vaping experience something special.

Milkshake Liquids has a wide range of delectable flavours - such as the Bananza Shake e-liquid, which is inspired by the classic banana shake. They also provide more interesting tastes such as Apple Shake, which has undertones of crispy apple pie, or the Shammy Shake (decorated with quirky shamrock leaves) which tastes like a vanilla milkshake with an interesting hint of mint.

Milkshake Liquids are masters at nailing the balance of flavours necessary to provide the perfect milkshake experience.


What is the Breezy Shake flavour?

First, think strawberries; fully-formed berry tastes with nuanced undertones and poignant burst.

Then, think vanilla ice-cream; thick, melt-in-your-mouth-goodness.

Reviews online are raving about the richness of this e-liquid’s taste and champion Breezy Shake as a master in milkshake taste. This quirky 30 ml bottle, adorned with an iconic American-diner style milkshake, with a cheeky strawberry bursting out, is the one to look for when buying milkshake inspired e-liquids.

Ladies and gentleman, we have found our winner!

Check it out!

Want to try the Breezy Shake for yourself? Check our website and you can buy a 30ml bottle of Breezy Shake for 19.95 GBP right now! 

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