Fair dos, there are many different ways in which ways to vape, of course; no two individuals vape in exactly the same manner. Still, new vapers do have a tendency of finding they can struggle to work out just what’s the ideal vape for them while learning precisely how their devices work and what to expect from the many different products on the market. So, here are a few vaping mistakes that rookies often make, so you might avoid them…

Don’t be fooled by poor hardware

Too many low-quality vaporizers produce burnt flavours, dry hits or other undesirable qualities. So, before you buy the wrong gear altogether, consult with experts like e liquid suppliers and get a few recommendations for introductory devices. You may prefer a pen-style vape to get you going and, once you are comfortable, you can work your way up to more advanced devices.

Buying the wrong e-liquid

You may have already been dazzled by the vast array of new e-liquid flavours available at vape shops and online. From juicy fruit flavours to succulent desserts, there is something for everybody.

If this is your first time vaping, try not to get too crazy just yet. If you like the taste of traditional cigarettes you can even get that full, deep flavour. Some of those fruit or candy flavours just won’t seem very satisfying if that’s what you’re after. Look for a solid tobacco vape to get you started, or you can even enjoy some of the flavoured tobaccos like caramel or vanilla. Once you get the feel of it, moving on to more exotic flavours will be easier.

Let down by low battery power

It takes a minute to get used to recharging your vaporizer batteries on a regular basis, because it hasn’t been a part of your regular routine. Many new vapers get frustrated early on when their batteries run out of juice and they have to make it through the rest of the afternoon without their handy new device.

Choose quality batteries, make sure you have a charger that will get the job done and get yourself an extra set of backup batteries.

Not looking into the technology first

We admit there can be a pretty steep learning curve here. Take your time learning about the different types of atomisers and vaporisers. There are many different styles and they all require different levels of maintenance and building. Buying the wrong thing could mean signing up for way more work than you originally intended and that’s always discouraging.

Nicotine issues

How do you know how much nicotine is enough? Again, your e-liquid needs to be a good fit for how you vape. If you choose the wrong amount, you could be left feeling like you didn’t get your fix, or like you need to vape more frequently. Start with a mid-range vape juice and see how you feel. If you want to move up or down, it’s easy to do so at your next refill.

Vaping to excess

What many new vapers find is that they just don’t know when to stop. New vaporisers can go much longer periods of time between refills or recharges. As a result, people learning how to vape tend to start off by vaping constantly, not realizing that they haven’t taken a down moment. Don’t overdo it!

Not looking after your kit

Vaping for beginners usually starts with one fairly simple device. However, as you move up in the ranks, you need to be sure you are taking good care of your equipment. Poor maintenance will decrease the quality of your vape and can make your vaporizer far less efficient. So, make sure you learn how to clean and store your device properly for prolonged life and a better overall vape experience.

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