Did you know that in some countries, especially China and Japan, a watermelon is considered suitable as a gift when you’re visiting someone and staying with them? Frankly, given the wonderfully sweet, refreshing taste of this most popular of exotic fruits, it’s hardly surprising. Who wouldn’t want to experience it as often as possible – not just on special occasions when you’re accepting visitors to your home?

And this appears to be the opinion of many vapers who regularly visit our site to order and purchase e-liquids for their vaping kits – because our watermelon-flavoured juices are among the most popular we stock. They’re simply flying off our shelves! And, indeed, should you take a gander at the different products that make up our terrific watermelon-based juice range below, like us, you’ll no doubt quickly understand why…

Watermelon Chill by Element (10ml)

Blending the irresistible, natural-to-the-taste buds sweetness of watermelon with the equally as refreshing smooth chill of mint, this juice is ideal for long days spent in the warm, warm temperatures of the summer (don’t worry, they will be on their way eventually; in a few months!). Available in bottles of 10ml (of which nicotine content is 3mg), this US-made e-liquid boasts a propylene glycol (PG)/ vegetable glycerine ratio of 20/ 80.

Watermelon Ice by Dr Frost (100ml)

The refreshment quotient is ramped up to maximum with this dynamic yet über-smooth e-juice from the dependable brand that’s Dr Frost. How so? Well, that would be down to the jumbo ice cubes it contains to keep it nicely chilled and cool as, well, ice. Its PG/ VG ratio is 30/ 70 and be aware that, per each 100ml bottle, this e-liquid’s nicotine strength is below 0mg. That said, you can always blend it with Plusnic+ (comprising 18mg of nicotine per 10ml bottle) to boost the nicotine content to 3mg, should you desire a bigger kick along with that refreshing tang.

Sweet Watermelon Shark Gummies by Tailored Vapors (4 x 10ml)

A review on our site for this juice confirms that it provides a great taste available at a great price – and we couldn’t agree more! Blessed with its bright and breezy, frivolous and fun title, though, its ‘Shark Gummies’ moniker may make you wonder just how it was so named.

Well, Tailored Vapors’ Shark Gummies brand was born in California back in 2015; the driving force behind its establishment being to deliver premium and unique candy/ sweet-style flavours to the e-juice market that new and experienced vapers would totally lap up. As such then, this particular e-liquid’s all about providing those smooth, refreshing watermelon notes to enhance the brand’s trademark delicious sweet and sugary tastes.

Fullycompliant with the Tobacco Products Directive (TBD), this e-liquid comes with 3mg of nicotine content, per 10ml bottle, and a PG/ VG ratio of 30/ 70.

Watermelon Sweet E-Liquid by Yankee Juice Co. (50ml)

Another unique but oh-so awesome e-juice that uses a candy taste as its basis, this offering from Yankee Juice Co. has a distinct flavour that feels as American as apple pie. Why? It’s because it blends that mouth-wateringly juicy watermelon taste with one afforded, unmistakeably, by the ever-youthful, ‘activity sweet’ that’s bubblegum. So, should you like the idea of vaping flavours you couldn’t get enough off as a wee nipper and the idea of reliving your youth via your e-cig device, this could well be the juice for you. With a PG/ VG ratio of 30/ 70, It features nominal nicotine content (barely more than 0mg) per 50ml each bottle.

NS20 Watermelon Chill by Element (10ml)

Finally, this choice juice offering from Element is cool, indeed – in more ways than one! Another that seeks to blend the flavours of juicy watermelon with the mentholated smoothness of mint, this nic(otine) salt-based e-liquid is again ideal for when the weather gets warmer, so why not check it out now to ensure you have at least one very suitable vape taste lined up for the summer months? With a PG/ VG ratio of 35/ 65 and formulated to provide high nicotine levels (20mg per 10ml bottle; important for smokers coming fresh to vaping with the aim of quitting tobacco for good), it’s a flavour that’s bound to satisfy, not least because it’s appropriate for all mech mods and dripper devices.


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