When you vape you may not realise how much you are using you e-cig until it’s too late. One day you go to take a pull and there’s no smoke - nothing left. It’s important to keep an eye out for any signs that your device is running low on vape juice. Here is an easy to understand guide which will educate you on the warning signs to look for and give you answers to some common problems you may encounter.

Filling Clearomizers

Box mods and vape pen e-cig start kits use clearomizers. This more advanced version of cartomizers are completely see-through, which allows you to see how much e-liquid is left. If you try to vape on a tank which has nothing left you’ll experience a burnt aroma and taste which could destroy your atomiser.

Replenish your clearomizer by unscrewing the mouthpiece and using the fine tip of your e-liquid bottle to fill your tank with the liquid to your desired level. When you have filled up you clearomizer, screw the mouthpiece back on. Getting liquid in the centre tube or in the internal tube can cause liquid to leak into the mouthpiece and can damage the device. Most e-cig starter kits have their maximum capacity levels labelled clearly on the clearomizer to ensure you don’t pour too much vape juice.

Replacing Cartomizers

If you’ve ever had an e-cig start kit, you will know about cartomizers. These small circular tanks are screwed onto the battery and are the mouthpiece for you draw on. They generally resemble cigarette filters and are best suited for people new to vaping because of their no mess no fuss make-up. Everything you need to vape including the e-liquid and the atomiser which heats the liquid is contained within the cartomizer. This is very helpful because it means you’re less likely to make a mess refilling the e-cig yourself.

When the time comes for your cartomizer to be replaced you simply remove it by unscrewing it, discard it, and replace it by screwing a new one on. Cartomizers currently don’t have a huge amount of flavoured vape juices, typically offering menthol and tobacco. However steps are being made by manufactures to release new flavours, and Vype have already released cherry and vanilla refills.

How will you know when your cartomozer needs refilling? Using your eyes to see liquid levels won’t work as cartomizers are opaque which one flaw. Instead you’ll have to check by seeing you’re getting a weaker hit from your e-cig. If you no longer taste the flavours or you can’t feel the throat hit you used to its time to replace your cartomizer.

Some Common Problems

A Weak Tasting Vape

If you begin to notice your vape tastes weaker than it once did you may need to check that you have enough e-liquid in your tank. If you’ve checked this and all is well, then it’s time to make sure your e-cigarette battery is charged. On classic pen e-cig starter kits, the small button you hold down to vape will start flashing when the battery is low. On the e-cigs that resemble cigarettes, it is the tip of the e-cig that will flash.

Your Nicotine Hit

A common complaint people have is that their nicotine hit is not strong enough and so doesn’t satisfy them. Making sure you have an e-liquid that is strong enough is important so you don’t run into this problem. It is however crucial that you get the balance right: If you use one too strong, you may ruin your attempts at smoking cessation as you’ll become dependent on the higher strength and could experience light-headedness. Using an e-liquid which is too weak on the other hand may not satisfy you and you could end up smoking cigarettes as a result. 

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