Our Guide to How A Vape Mod Works - Guide

Vape mods come in different colours, shapes, and sizes. It can be as portable as a pen or bulky as power banks. However, regardless of how they look, mods offer a safer alternative for those who are transitioning from cigarette smoking. While it seems simple on the outside, here’s what happens within its different parts.

Parts of a vape mod

The battery powers the vape mod and lithium-ion batteries are often used because they are rechargeable. These batteries can either be manual or automatic, and some mods can even contain two batteries. You can prolong its usage by putting them away from direct sunlight and by avoiding the vaporizer to overflow with e-liquid because of exposed battery terminals.

The vaporizer or atomizer then turns nicotine liquid into vapour. It contains a heating coil that turns the juice into flavorful vapour. Next, the tank is at the tip of the vaporizer, and this is where you must refill the liquid. Some mods contain a cartridge and an atomizer combined as one. There are even clearomizers that allow to you see how much juice you have left.

Wicks help ignite the e-liquid into vapour while drip tips increase the vapour’s flavour and maximize airflow. Finally, mouthpieces channel the smoke from the atomizer into your lips, and it comes in various sizes, shapes, and colours. Place your lips here if you are ready to draw deliciously flavoured vapour.

Turn on the ignition

Pressing the power button completes the circuit wherein energy flows from the batteries to the coils and a regulated chip at specific watts, volts, and amperes. The same energy heats up the coils while the extra energy reverts to the power source to create a circle of energy. As the energy enters the coil, it is resisted by a wire which turns energy into heat. This transformation atomizes the vape juice to produce the vapour cloud you like to hit.

Vape mod specifications

Wattage is a typical setting on a vape mod, and it measures the amount of energy that travels from the batteries to the coil. Higher wattage allows for more energy flow to increase vapour production. However, too much wattage can lead to dry hits that can leave a bitter taste.

Meanwhile, resistance measures the amount of power your coil can resist through friction. Ohms is the unit for this measurement, and a high number translates to a hotter coil. On the other hand, the voltage remains the same even if the resistance or wattage fluctuates. Higher voltage means that the mod can create more vapour.

Ampere is the measurement for electrical current, and it dictates how much energy your battery can discharge at any given time. The power cap by which the battery continues to function well is called the Continual Discharge Amperage. Finally, mAh measures the battery charge, and a higher rating means that it will drain after prolonged usage.

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