When you think of vape juices, the word natural doesn’t tend to come to mind. Flavoursome, yes. Appealing, yes- but natural, or better still organic- no! This is because many of us are constantly made aware of the synthetic properties in E-liquids and we are told which ingredients are unnatural and what they do. For example PG or Propylene Glycol is a synthetic compound, and it is used to form part of the base of the E-liquid. This is the substance that is used to give you a deeper throat hit and it also binds the flavours to the base of the Vape Juice. There have a been a few articles popping up in recent times which state that organic vape juices are ‘impossible’ and a fraud , concocted up as just another marketing strategy. In this article we will dispel some of these common myths and prove that organic vape juices can indeed be just that: organic.

Myth 1: E-liquids Cannot Possibly Be PG-Free

For an E-liquid to be organic, it must not contain PG (propylene glycol), an unnatural substance which is derived from petroleum. It has been falsely stated that PG-free E-liquids don’t exist and this simply not true. However many E-liquids which claim to be PG-free actually do contain small quantities of it as it is often found in the flavourings and nicotine. Though this may be the case with some E-liquids there are a few E-liquid brands which are 100% free of PG. Vape Organics E-liquids are one example of a brand which has vape juices which are 100% free of PG, and this brand is the first and only USDA-certified organic E-liquid line that is regulated and confirmed as a PG-free brand through third party regulation. Though Vape Organics E-liquids do contain 100% VG, which they use as a base for their E-liquids, they do not use PG as a carrier for their flavour extracts or anything else.

Myth 2: Organic Nicotine Is Not Available

It is true that before Vape Organics launched, organic nicotine was not available anywhere in the world. The brand produces in-house nicotine from UDSA-organic tobacco grown on family farms in the USA. Using a cutting-edge, manufacturing process, Vape Organics extract organic nicotine through the supercritical CO2 method of extraction which means it’s free from the chemical residues often found in other methods of extraction. To date, the only USDA-certified organic nicotine, guaranteed to be free of PG and other petroleum derived substances, is solely sold at Vape Organics E-liquids.

Myth 3: E-liquid Flavourings Need A PG Base

Some websites have made claims to say that E-liquid flavourings require PG as a base. However this is simply not true! The brand Vape Organics uses real plant based, vegan-friendly extracts which are completely PG free. Their custom flavours are produced using either steam distillation or C02 extraction, and utilize organic substances such as organic glycerine, or organic ethyl alcohol made from corn as carriers, in the place of PG.

Myth 4: Organic Nicotine Doesn’t Exist!

To make claims that there is no such thing as organic nicotine is a huge flaw in itself and an outright lie! Not only does it exist, but it is regulated and popular among vapers who want E-juices which are free of chemical substances, artificial flavours and synthetic chemical pesticides- among other things! Although the process for making organic E-juice is not an easy one, it is definitely possible and Vape Organics’ vape juices have been approved by a federal agency and certified as organic. Debunking some of the myths associated with organic nicotine is important in ensuring that consumers can have a real and unbiased view of the cleaner types of vape juices, available on the market.

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