No 1 E Juice’s Top Picks For New Vape Flavours

Both online and in store, No1 E Juice strives to find that perfect vape flavour. We’re always chasing that dense clouded dragon and finding the perfect flavours to smooth out your vape tank is a key part of our philosophy.

With so many new devices and accessories flooding the market (but not your tank!) we know that it’s important that your e liquids keep up with the current trends. Whether it’s NicSalt infused or a heady new blend to liven up your taste buds, keeping on the cutting edge is all part of the enjoyment of vaping.

Below are some of our favourite juices, collected from our e liquidclearance sale's golden oldies as well as the radical newcomers.

Rainbow by Gumball

Inspired by the taste of one of our favourite multi-fruit flavoured sweets - the Skittle – Rainbow by Gumball Salt is a taste explosion. With its 20 mg nicotine concentration, Rainbow is unique in its balance of flavour and cutting-edge salt infusion. The balanced PG/VG ratio of the Rainbow flavour also brings a perfect blend of throat hit, flavour and vape cloud, making it compatible with a broad spectrum of devices.

New York Strawberry Cheesecake

A short fill summer dream, the Heaven Daze New York Strawberry Cheesecake is a comforting blend of smooth strawberries, cheesecake and cooling cream. With a thick cloud output at 70 VG, this gourmet flavour saves space for flexible nicotine concentrations, allowing you the freedom to vape how you like.

Energy Ice NicSalt by Dr Frost

Another new flavour at No1 Ejuice, Dr Frost’s Energy Ice blends a cool kick of menthol with your favourite energy drink flavour. This unique combination comes complete with a slushy aftertaste to get your day started with a buzz. Furthermore, Dr Frost’s range of experimental flavours comes complete with short fill bottles, giving you the chance to enjoy a nicotine concentration to suit your needs.

Hippie Trail by Nasty Ballin

The sour, sharp flavour of Hippie Trail is a great way to liven your taste buds. Coming with 50 ml of vape juice in a 60 ml bottle, Hippie Trail by Nasty Ballin infuses vitamin C into a nicotine-free juice, full to the brim with punchy flavour.

Apple Fantasi Ice E Liquid

Another soft drink throwback, Apple Fantasi melds Fanta flavoured vape juice with crisp apple and ice for that cool finish. This juice is perfect for summer and comes in a unique bottle style, accommodating for short fill sizes and a collectable look.

Lola’s Crush by Loco Lola

Perfectly branded Loco Lola bring their titular character to an orange, lemon and cola flavoured vape juice. Lola’s Crush is a delectable concoction of flavour, flexibility and fruit juice fizz. Coming in a broad range of sizes, Lola’s Crush is the perfect juice for an on-the-go vaper looking for something new.

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