Vape mods have quickly become some of themost popular devices on the market today. As more and more vapers take up thehobby, many of the pros have been moving onto more complex devices such asmods. Kitted out with temperature controls, variable wattage and often havingthe ability to go sub ohm in their resistance, these devices offer the provaper everything they’ll need, just the way they like it. That’s the beauty ofthe vape mod, they represent a more flexible and powerful experience, ensuringthat the veteran vaper can cloud chase just the way it suits them, choosing thebest in coils, atomisers and batteries. With such a large choice out there, itcan often be difficult to pick the device which will suit your personal tastes,that’s why we’ve singled out a selection of our favourites here at the No. 1 EJuice vape shop.

AsvapeMichael VO200 TC Box Mod

The Asvape Michael is box mod made ofsturdy zinc alloy and a sleek patterned exterior which is made with carbonfibre for extra durability. With a range of art works to choose from on thesides, this vape mod is 200 Watts of vaping bliss, capable of sub ohm vaping downto a whopping 0.08 ohms. The Michael Mod is also available in a range oflimited-edition colours from No. 1 E Juice, including a stand out Walking Deadvape.

VOOPOOBlack Drag Resin 157W TC Box MOD

The beautiful VOOPOO Black Drag isn’tcalled a “super-fast” firing device for nothing. The 0.025 second firing timebetween hitting the power button and the inhale is enhanced ever further by theincredibly flexible temperature control settings and the 0.05 ohm resistance.This is definitely one for cloud chasers who want to vape in style, the sleekblack exterior coming with a range of hypnotising patterns included.

VooPooTOO 180W TC Box Mod Kit

Another must from VOOPOO, this temperaturecontrol box mod has an added mouthpiece which gives your vape that extracoolness. On top of this, you can choose from a range of designs, just like theBlack Drag device whilst also changing it up between single and dual powered18650 batteries. This means that when your friends run low on battery, you canlend them one of yours with no effect on your vaping experience.

VGODElite Mech Mod

The Elite is a simple yet powerful mechanicalmod from VGOD, one of the most popular mech mod companies on the market. With acopper chassis bringing great efficiency, this device brings some of the mostflexible and powerful vape hits out there, especially with its powerful hybridconnection, allowing you to vape the way you want. That’s one of the greatthings about mechanical mods, their simple circuitry gives you the chance toexperiment with rebuilding your circuits and kitting out your vape device tosuit your needs, all topped off by a stylish design.

PulseBF Box Mod from Vandy Vape

This great value squonk mod gives you allthe benefits and ease of squonking whilst also letting you enjoy a bold andoriginal design. What’s squonking, I hear you ask? The squonk mod is basicallya hands-free dripper device, meaning that you fill up a bottle inside yourdevice with vape juice, which gradually drips itself onto your atomiser,ensuring that you are getting a pure hit every time, without the hassle ofdripping vape juice onto your atomiser every 5 minutes! With the choice between18650 and 20700 batteries, this interchangeable front and back design bringssome of the great benefits of mechanical mods and the ease of use for thosenewbies looking for a first step into unregulated box modding.


Another great addition to the revolutionarysquonking game, the CoilArt Azeroth comes in black and red colour options, whilstalso bringing easy to use bottom feeding atomisers. This means that there is noworry for spillages, making it the perfect mod for the butter fingers outthere. With a carbon fibre plating and a range of battery compatibilities, thisdevice is durable and exciting in equal measure. With a powerful fire buttonmaking this device an easy starter, you can’t get any better value than theAzeroth.

ErosSerie Mech Mod from Mask Group

This stunning mech mod is one of the mosteye catching on the market. With tis gold tinted ergonomic textured design, theEros is great for those looking for a flexible and discreet vape device whichgives you a powerful hit every time. Whether you’re a cloud chaser or you’rejust getting into mech mods, the Eros Serie is an all round stud of a device.

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