The TPD regulations are a very important part of the vaping industry since they were introduced a couple of years ago. You will find information about the TPD and the way they have changed vaping and tobacco smoking on almost every vaping and smoking forum and website! It is important for consumers to know what the new rules are and how to stay within the law, and knowing the rules and limits will make your whole experience with vaping easier and more pleasant.

What Does TPD Mean For Vapers?

The TPD regulations are important and if you’re a vaper you’ll need to know some of the key points and how they’ll affect you. Changes have been regarding how much Vape Juice is allowed in a single bottle and there’s also other changes relating to tank sizes and the amount of products in the market.

10ml Limit On E-liquid

In line with the new TDP regulations, the maximum size for E-liquid in a single bottle is now 10ml. This regulation will increase the costs of E-liquids since packaging makes up a significant part of the cost to make them.

So How Will This Affect Vapers?

With the limit to single bottles being 10ml, the small amount of nicotine contained, means that there is hardly any danger for vapers. If you are a heavy vaper this means you’ll have to re-fill your liquid frequently, which could also increase the cost. This is because one large bottle (previously sold) is equivalent to three small bottles. Quite a big difference!

There Is Now A 2ml Limit On Tanks

It’s going to be a sad moment for you If you were ever a fan of the high performance sub-ohm vaping tanks that were available before. The new regulations means there has been a massive reduction in the product choice for vapers. So how will this affect you as a vaper? Well this will mean it’ll be a frustrating time for cloud chasers and heavy vapers who will have to refill their tanks frequently if they want their desired results.

New Nicotine Level Limits: 2% or 20mg/ml

This regulation will definitely have come as a blow to heavy vapers who crave high doses of nicotine and would previously purchase the 24mg strength E-liquids. This nicotine strength was the most effective for smokers wanting to kick their cigarette habit. The DIY vape market will also be heavily hit as there were high strength nicotine concentrate of up to 72mg available. These were used to help vapers’ mix their own E-juices and make their own recipes. The question is how will this affect vapers? Well this will make it harder for vape users to switch, making things difficult for the over 200,000 vapers who prefer to use high levels of nicotine. However new and improved vaping devices are emerging and they are much more efficient when it comes to extracting nicotine from E-liquid.

There Is Now Extra Packaging!

Another aspect of the new TPD regulations is the fact that all E-liquids have to come with warning labels. Because there is not enough room on the smaller E-liquid bottles, the warning labels will have to be printed on the boxes. This will have an impact on the environment and suppliers more than it will impact vapers! An increased amount of packaging means that packaging suppliers have been rushing to produce enough material to re-package every vape juice bottle in the UK. This has even caused there to be a short supply!

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