Recent reports have confirmed what many in the vaping industry already know to be true, which is that vaping is significantly safer than choosing to smoke normal cigarettes. A study funded by Cancer Research UK has discovered that smokers who decide to quit tobacco altogether and stick with just vaping as their smoking cessation method subsato quit tobaccoa toificantly safer than choosing totantially reduced their intake of the toxic chemicals and carcinogens found in cigarettes.

This particular study surveyed 181 current and former smokers, who were asked to report whether or not they were using nicotine replacement therapies or vaping at the time of the report. Throughout the investigation’s duration, urine and saliva samples were taken from all participants in order to be used for analysis aspects which were measured.

Bodily level exposure to established and important smoking-related carcinogens and toxicants is reduced by between 56% to 97% in long-term e-cigarette users who have stopped smoking altogether, compared with tobacco cigarette smokers.

Cancer-causing toxins found in the bodies of traditional smokers’ bloodstreams decreased by 97% when they decided to switch completely to the latest vape devices.

This study has been welcomed by the vaping community, with advocates saying that the research proves once again that vaping can save lives just by giving people a viable alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

It should serve as a wake-up call to tobacco control activists who have spent the past eight years or so making hostile and incorrect comments towards vaping products. It is also important to note that this study showcased that only these smokers who quit traditional cigarettes altogether would benefit from vaping: those who smoked and vaped at the same time did not necessarily see a reduction in the toxins found in their bloodstreams.

Because vaping is only beneficial when used as the only nicotine replacement therapy for a smoker who is trying to quit and does not offer many other advantages when used alongside smoking, some critics of vaping have come out to oppose this study. They believe that if smokers use e-cigarettes then they will cut down on smoking and then they will get fewer toxins in their body.

However, this is simply not the case. The e-cigarette users who smoked got just as many toxins in their body as those who smoked consistently. Smokers who are “dual users” (meaning that they are continuing to smoke traditional cigarettes alongside with vaping) are still getting carcinogens and toxins from cigarettes and not vaping products. Fully replacing cigarettes with vaping will see a tremendous decline in a smoker’s bloodstream.

Completely switching to e-cigarettes significantly reduces the risk of future cancers, compared to continued smoking. E-cigarettes are a far safer alternative to smoking tobacco in the context of developing smoking-related cancer.

As for dual users, vape advocates still contend that by significantly reducing their cigarette habit by half in favour of the latest vape products, there will be a noticeable decrease in the toxins found in that person’s bloodstream. This is fantastic news for any smoker who has difficulty quitting for good, especially since more studies are showing that vaping is not only a safer alternative to smoking, but it is also a fantastic nicotine replacement therapy.

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