However fun smoking and vaping can be, there is always a monetary cost to the habit. Like with all habits, it’s a case of finding the right balance between enjoying yourself and what you can afford.

With the legislation f TPD laws this year, tobacco related substances have sky rocketed in price. Even in airports where tobacco products are duty free, there is still a massive price tag lugged alongside the apparent discounts of tobacco and cigarette products. Many have found a tobacco habit unaffordable and are now giving it up altogether. This is sensible due to the amount of harmful substances contained within, but there are ways to itch those nicotine cravings without having to resort to expensive tobacco products.

Switch to vaping

Switching to vape liquidis the easiest way for you to save money on nicotine products. With so many now on the market and great deals on these products, you can now find cheaper bundle packs, discounts and buy one free deals on both devices and vape juices. The problem is that with cigarettes and tobacco, it’s no longer legal to find discount prices or even deals on products, making vaping not only on a health level but on an economic one, the most viable nicotine option.

Stop wasting ejuice

It’s easy to waste vape juice when vaping. Many people will overfill tanks and allow liquid to drip. One of the best ways to battle this is through the use of a pipette to secrete your ejuice. Making sure you’re filling the tank to the right level is also crucial. On top of that, you can buy refill cartons in which you can store your excess ejuice. Having this will mean none will ever go to waste if your device suffers from a leak or a spillage.

Build your own coils

Building your won coils from coper wire can help you to save money on buying them premade. They are very easy to make and take only a few minutes, lasting for weeks on end. Buying mere copper wiring can allow you to create dozens of coils, all up to your own preferences of size and shape. You can also invest in tools to help you build your coils, making the process even quicker and easier. Once you’ve mastered how to make your perfect coil the process becomes quick and easier, certainly faster than heading to the nearest vape shop to buy a coil.

Find out the problems with your ecig

Your device could be faulty and could be wasting both energy and vape juice. This could be due to a crack in the tank which has caused a leak or a loose atomiser head inside. Due to our consumer society, our first thought when faced with a faulty piece of technology, in any shape or size, is to throw it away and buy a new one. Not only is this a waste of resources, but it wastes our money as well. Although it is an inevitability that your vape device will have to be replaced eventually, vape devices can be fixed as simply a installing a new battery. Sometimes something is loose inside and requires you to merely open up the vape device and examine it. If your vape device has stopped working, don’t just throw it away; investigate the problem as more often than not, the problem can be rectified.


One easy way to make sure your saving money on your vape products is through having a weekly or even a monthly budget. This means that you can keep tabs on how much your spending and keep a record of your nicotine intake.

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