How To Pick The Ideal Vape Strength For Your Taste

Perhaps you didn’t know it, but electronic cigarettes offer just as much choice regarding the level of nicotine strength as traditional tobacco products, if not more.

That means a particular vaping liquid might suit certain users, but could be too strong or too weak for others who have different preferences. For obvious reasons, choosing the right nicotine strength is very important for a pleasant vaping experience, and it’s worth your while to invest some time to learn about your options from a knowledgeable source (like us!) to avoid misinformation.

In this brief guide, we will present your options and advise you how to choose the vape strength that will neither overwhelm you nor leave you wanting more. All you’ll be left to decide is which flavour to pick!

What strengths are available?

When it comes to varieties of e-juice, UK customers have an excellent choice, both in terms of strengths and flavours. It’s possible to find liquids ranging from 3 mg of nicotine per ml all the way up to 20 mg/ml, with 6 mg/ml, 12 mg/ml and 18 mg/ml being the most common nicotine concentrations.

These strengths correspond to cigarettes of various types, and in fact offer a finer, more granulated scale. Of course, your favourite flavour may or may not be produced in all of those varieties, so it’s wise to nail down your nicotine preferences before you start shopping.

Still, with such a wide range of strengths in the UK – including online and in-store - users can aim for the exact nicotine level that works best for them.

What affects the choice of vape strength?

Most importantly, length and intensity of your nicotine habit determine which e-cigarette liquid is the most appropriate for you.

People who smoked two packs a day before switching to vaping will probably want to consider stronger varieties, while light users will be more attracted to liquids on the lower end of the nicotine content spectrum. Whenever you are in doubt, it makes sense to try a liquid with lower nicotine content before switching thins up if you are not getting the expected result.

If you are inexperienced with vaping liquid, asking a friend or store employee for a recommendation is probably the way to go.

Where to find vape liquids of your preferred strength

In order to find a reliable source of e-liquid that consistently meets your expectations regarding the amount of nicotine, you should look for a well-regarded store that sells vaping pods, especially those running a TPD clearance sale!

In addition to vaping tanks and various accessories, high-end stores like ours offer the best brands of e-juice that have clearly marked nicotine content on the packaging.

Ideally, you should find the variety of e-juice that suits you best in terms of nicotine concentration and flavour. That’s why you would be well-advised to check the offering on some of the best online e-liquid stores and find one that you’ll be 100% comfortable with.

Try a few to decide which you like best. Shop now!

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