How to kick smoking into touch? Easy – make the e-cig switch today

It’s true; too many people have beensmoking highly toxic tobacco-packed cigarettes for too way too many years. Now,if ever, is the time to bin them, seek an alternative and try to lead a farhealthier life (one that doesn’t involve an activity that may well severelyshorten it). Now, sure; few aren’t aware of all the trials and tribulations a smokerhas to put themselves through when they consciously give their all in giving upon cigarette smoking – reason indeed then to seek out an alternative that’llwork not just because it’s easier and more satisfying than relying the likes ofnicotine patches and gum or even cold turkey, but also because, ultimately, itworks.

And that alternative simply has to e-cigarettesand their various different devices and e-juices that you vape; genuinely, yes,vaping can aid you to kick smoking into touch for good. Why is that? Well,perhaps, fundamentally because the very thing about vaping e-juice via an e-cigdevice is that the enjoyment of the activity itself outweighs the satisfactiongarnered from the health benefits. Yes, truly; we’re talking then all the variedflavours available from e juice UK –from apple or banana to chocolate or a delicious dessert and absolutely everythingin between. Quite simply, the numerous different options when it comes toe-juice flavours are staggering – and fantastic.

Doesthe taste from one e-liquid carry over into another? How to prevent it?

Now then, if you’re a vaping rookiegetting into the thing but fancy a change from the e-juice flavour you’ve beenvaping for the last day or so to another one, how do you move on but notexperience a weird, unpleasant taste left behind by traces of the old e-juicein your device’s tank as you vape the new one? After all, you don’t exactlywant to invest in a brand-spanking new tank just because you’re changingflavour (imagine the expense of doing that every single time!). What you needto do then is clean your vaporiser’s tank:

  • How to clean the tank – don’t throw out your device’s tank;clean it. First, unscrew the tank to be able to detach it from both the atomiserand the device’s battery case. Next, be sure to pour out any left-behindresidue e-liquid residing at the bottom of the tank then, using a soft cloth,clean out any futher residue/ sludge stuck to the tank’s bottom and sides.Following this dry-based clean-up, start the wet-clean-up by pouring warm waterinto the tank so you’re able to rinse it out. Your tank may not be designed tocontain soap water (check!) but, if so, rinse it out with soapy water followedby ordinary tap water. Then, leave the tank to fully dry out.
  • How to clean coils and wicks – this can be done in two alternate ways:
  • ousing a non-flavoured e-liquid or purepropylene glycol (PG), fully saturate the coil and wick; you’ll find it’s aneffective process to eliminate all traces of previous e-liquid flavour
  • ousingwarm water, rinse the coil and wick a few times, ensuring that no residueremains in either at all; following this process and having dried out bothcomponents, replace them – and all the other parts that make up your e-cig – asyou reassemble the device.

Arethere hacks to cleaning e-cig device?

Ah, you’re after a shortcut, are you?Let’s face it, as you get on the road to becoming if not a vaping expert thanone that’s increasingly more experienced and confident, then you’ll doubtlessbe trying out new flavours constantly and, if that’s the case, you’ll probablyquickly find the above cleaning processes a bit time-consuming and irritating.Well, a shortcut of sorts does exist in the shape of ‘dripping’. In order to‘drip’, though, you’ll need to update your device by investing in a ‘rebuildable’dripping atomizer (RDA). It’s worth bearing in mind, though, that these bits ofkits don’t feature an entire tank system, which means that you’ll end up exhaustinga bottle of e-juice faster than you did before. Moreover, by using an RDA, it’spossible you could experience the odd dry hit before you become experienced inusing one effectively. As a novice vaper then, it’s advisable to stick to theabove two-step cleaning process, for sure.

Onlybuy your e-liquids from a reputable vape shop

As a rookie vaper – or a vaper of anylevel of experience – it’s critical too that you follow this line of advice. Thething is, switching from cigarettes to e-cigs, however fun, satisfying and ultimatelyrewarding it may prove, is a big deal and can be a huge adjustment. There aremany things to get used to, not least trying out lots of different flavours andestablishing which are your preferred defaults. Bearing all that in mind then,it really is critical you buy all your vape juices from a specialist onlineretailer or high-street establishment that you feel – or better – know you cantrust for the quality of their products. How well reviewed are they online?What’s their word of mouth of like? How wide and varied is their range ofe-juices? How friendly, helpful and knowledgeable are their staff? You’re notbuying cigarettes anymore; buying vaping gear and supplies is a bit morecomplicated – but, done sensibly, ultimately far more rewarding! 

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