How to Keep Your Grip On Your First Week Of Vaping?

Old habits die hard, and with smoking thisis certainly the case. Many ex-smokers who have turned to vaping still find itdifficult to get rid of certain habits. It can be extremely difficult to keepthe routine going. That’s why there are many changes in thought process whichneed to occur for many vapers to keep the habit up. Head space is key andfinding the right one to finally kick the cigarette habit for good is moredifficult than you’d think.

There’s are positives to the uphillstruggle though, in the first week of vaping you’ll find that toxins such astar and carcinogens will be expelled from your body, whilst your airways willbegin to clear up. With this health improvement even in the first week, it iscrucial that you break through the veil of temptation and on to the greenerpastures of vaping and its many benefits.

Bestkit for ex-smokers

Ex-smokers may want to jump right in andbuy the most powerful device, hoping to get a larger nicotine hit from theseoften sub ohm and rebuildable mods. It’s natural to think that the higher thewattage, the more satisfied a heavy ex-smoker will be. Most of the time though,the opposite is true; it is often the case that ex-smokers prefer the lowerpowered but cigarette mimicking devices. Simple to use and heavy in nicotine,the cigalike requires little expertise and gives an experience much like thatof smoking. 

Gofor higher nicotine juices

As mentioned above, higher nicotineconcentrations will benefit the ex-smoker. The reason for this is that when youget to the 12 to 18 mg concentration juices, the inhale will give you anintense throat hit, mimicking the sensation of inhaling tobacco and in doingso, lessening the transitional shock.

Builda community

This one’s simple. If you have a supportnetwork around you, whether that be the NHS programme to help you quit or afriend or partner embarking on the journey with you, you’ll have someone toshare experiences with and compare catches at those vape juice sales.

Getinto the vaping mindset

From the seed of the initial supportnetwork, a bigger social group will form. From these small branches, a larger webof friends and peers will form. Whether this be through using vaping forums orbecoming a regular at your local vape shops TPDclearances , you’ll meet more people and form a community. The vapingmindset will bring about health conscious yet sociable ways of thinking, andthe more you connect with fellow vapers, the less you’ll be tempted to returnto smoking.

Getused to the tobacco withdrawal

Tobacco withdrawal will see you craving notonly the taste of tobacco, but the habit of rolling and lighting up. Theseinstincts, deep sent within your muscle memory will take a little time torewire, but like memories, they’ll eventually fade. Be prepared for tarcoughing and potential spot outbreaks, your skin using its break from tobaccoto expunge the poisons it built up in your body.

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