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There is an increasing number of rebuildable electronic cigarette devices that allow you to customize your vaping and save money. It is important to learn the proper method for building coils. You must create a coil with the appropriate amperage for your battery. Otherwise, you risk injury from the device exploding under pressure if the electrical current is too strong. An ohm meter is a must-have tool that will measure the amperage of your coil and help prevent dangerous mistakes. You will need to know the guage of your wire and the amperage associated with it.

If you are new to vaping and rebuilding your coils, you should aim for a 30 guage or 28 guage Kanthel wire. You will want to keep the resistance (amperage) under 0.5 ohms.

You can wrap your wire around a "stick," such as a Phillips screwdriver, a drill bit or specially made coil wrapping tools.

To create the coil, press the wire tightly against the stick with your finger. Use the lip of the stick (e.g. the edge of the screwdriver handle) to leverage the wire so that you can make the first twist snugly against the lip. Carefully wrap the coil until it is the correct length. Clip the end of the wire, leaving a generous end. Remove the coil from the stick. You will have two tails, one on each end of the wire. Place them on the same side of the coil.

Coil Building

Using needle nosed pliers, bend each end of the wire in opposite directions so that they will slide into the holes provided for the coil. Do not cut them too short. With a longer piece, you can adjust. If the piece is too short, the coil will not conduct properly.

Loosen the two screws on top of the coil head. Insert the wire ends into the holes provided, until you feel resistence. Tighten the screws to secure the coil. Make sure that there is clearance between the coil and the surface of the coil head.

Test the coil for correct amperage, using your ohm meter.

Cut the wick material and thread it through the coil. Fluff the material for best absorption and gently push it into the coil head casing. Prime the material with a few drops of juice. Test again using the ohm meter.

Reassemble your electronic cigarette and ignite. You are ready to enjoy your vape experience.

How to build Coils

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