How to Avoid Dry Hits When Vaping

Dry hits have always been a recurring problem for vapers the world over, even if your using a respected brand like MOMO vape liquid. With its metallic taste and splutter-worthy exhale, dry hits are an unpleasant surprise however regular a vaper you are.

The main problem is that they’re hard to shake, even if you have the most TPD compliant e cigarette on the market, and regardless of the type of device you own.

The dry hit will always take you by surprise.

Whilst there’s no surefire way to get rid of them for good, you can minimise your chances of encountering a dry hit by following these simple steps.

What is a dry a hit?

When you buy our premium e liquid on sale, you’ll want to make sure your wick and coil are soaked before inhaling. This is when dry hits occur; when you inhale with little to no liquid in the device you’ll encounter a taste which is dry and metallic in its burning sensation.

Make sure your coil is always wet

As mentioned above, the best way to avoid a dry hit is to make sure that your coil is in good condition. A coil can congeal with e-liquid or even oxidise if not replaced. Coils should be replaced at the very least every month or so and kept wet with e-liquid. If you’re refilling your tank, make sure to let the juice flow through the device before taking a full hit.

Moderate your vaping habits

Another way to minimise the risk of dry hits is to stop power vaping. Overcharging your device can lead to overheating in your atomiser and coil. Chain vaping is another surefire route to dry hits, the constant stress on the coil putting it at risk of degrading quicker.

Dry hits are a drag

It’s all in the drag with dry hits.

Many dry hits pounce on you with sharp short inhales, prohibiting your devices wick absorbing and heating the e-liquid. To lessen your chances, try taking longer, slower drags, giving your device a chance to fully soak in the e-liquid. These hits will be cooler too, internal overheating being another cause of dry inhales. Try priming your vape device before using it, meaning taking a drag without pressing the power button. This will allow your device to soak in the premium e liquid.

Adjust your PG/VG ratio

Vegetable Glycerine is the ingredient in e-liquid that provides its thickness. This is great if you’re looking for thicker vape clouds, but with the wrong voltage or wattage configuration you could end up with congealed vape liquid on your coil. This can end up cooking the e-liquid and causing dry hits. If this is continuously occurring, try swapping your e-liquid for a higher PG content, which will make it more viscous and less at risk from dry hits.

Adjust your voltage or wattage

Last but not least, if you’re using a variable wattage or voltage device, toning down your power is a great way to protect from dry hits. With higher voltages leading to bigger vape hits, you might be tempted to crank up the power, but to play it on the safe side, lower the wattage to give your coil a break.

Avoid dry hits and shop our premium e liquid sale now!

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