As advanced as the vape is by present day standards, you may not be aware that the very first e-cigarette was actually patented over 50 years ago. Way back in 1963 – this was during the time when smoking began to gradually move from its glorified image in Hollywood (from iconic actors that pioneered the glamour of the cigarette from Bette Davis, Audrey Hepburn, and James Dean) to a more health conscious nation, similar to the change in advertising landscape, as featured in Mad Men. However, as you can imagine the 60’s prototype was not so slender or portable. It wasn’t until both the awareness and technology improved by 2003 that the contemporary e-cigarette was invented in China, before reaching the West in 2006/2007.

Why is vaping becoming more e-popular?

-The technology for vapers and e-cigarettes has advanced and has become accessible in the past five years. These technological improvements are far more popular now that they are more ergonomic, compact, and user-friendly.

-The price to keep your vaper juiced up with e-liquid is drastically cheaper. Initially, an e-cigarette starter kit ranges from £15 to £45, and then all you need to do is replenish the liquid and add on replacement batteries from £3.99 to £8.99. You’ll notice a difference in your budget if a 50ml bottle of e-liquid (which is approximately the equivalent of 25 packs of tobacco cigarettes) is priced around £12.99, whereas 25 packs of tobacco cigarettes that cost around £8 will equal to a spend of £200 or more.

-With over 200 flavours to choose from the possibilities are endless. Available at off-licences, supermarkets and even more of a selection online, you can pick from mint and menthol, vanilla and berry fruits to special blends like cream and custards, chocolate, dessert flavours, and cereals.

The e-conscious statistics are in!

Scientific studies prove that we are continuously looking for ways to kick the habit and live a healthier lifestyle than previous generations. As published in the Tobacco Control medical journal, Imperial London College discovered that the number of vapers in the UK has risen from 8.9% (between 2012 and 2014) to 15.5%. More findings have shown an increase of vape use from 7.2% to 11.6% over the same period of time. The reports collated from a BT study that examined over 53,000 residents in the EU saw France as the leader in most vape users in Europe, with Portugal at the other end of the spectrum. It seems that an e-cigarette is likely to be a happy alternative whilst sat outside and indulging at a French café terrace – breaking barriers, social traditions and habits.

These outstanding statistics show how the number of people who vape has doubled, however we must adapt our level of healthy awareness to the e-cigarette campaign too. There is a strong urge for scientists to study any long-term effects associated with vaping. To match the amount of vape users that have risen, since 2012 the amount of people in the EU that view e-cigarettes as a hazardous substitute has almost doubled from 27% to 51%. Dr. Filippos Filippidis, from the School of Public Health at Imperial London College, advised: “There is debate about the risks and benefits associated with e-cigarettes. For instance, we don’t know whether we may start to see diseases emerge in 10-20 years’ time associated with some of the ingredients.”

With each new habit that the human body becomes accustomed to – the more research needs to be done to ensure we don’t accept anything else harmful into our daily routine. The truth is that while vaping is a healthier option as a means to quit smoking in the short-term, we need to safeguard our future and look beyond any smokescreens that could cloud our judgement.


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