Head in the clouds? The lowdown on cloud chasing

It’s a familiar story – but it’s a greatone too. As soon as a relatively new vaper has got used to their e-cig, they’reready to start experimenting and, from there, begin specialising with theirdevice; whatever that will specifically mean to them. For some, this meanssearching here, there and everywhere for the most fantastic flavour possible (accordingto their own individual tastes, of course); for others, it’s all aboutachieving something purer when it comes the exhale – in short, what they’reafter is the most satisfying clouds possible. The biggest and, you betterbelieve it, fullest clouds possible.

These vapers, once they know what they’redoing and become adept at achieving their favourite aspect of the vapingexperience, have become known as cloud chasers. For them the experience isdriven by producing mean, grand vapour, And then some. In fact, some of themare even referred to as ‘professional vapers’ and that’s because theseenthusiasts are enthusiasts to such an extent they compete against others indifferent locations (some of them throughout the world), aiming as they do soto generate the largest or most creative and beguiling vapour clouds they can.In these instances, it may sometimes be all about size or it may be aboutcreating supreme shapes or ridiculously cool ripples from the exhaled vapour.

Yet, of course, many more cloud chasersstill aren’t ‘professional’ at all; they look on maintaining their e-cigs – anddeveloping them – so they might produce exactly the clouds they want as ahobby. In which case then, what specific e-cig do you need to become asuccessful cloud chaser…?

  • Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser (RDA) – yes, no question, for the coolest,grandest clouds, an RDA is absolutely necessary, should you be able to get yourhands on one; it’s hardly essential for workaday vaping, sure, as it puts theonus on the vaper to build and attach coils themselves and then drip a smallamount of e cig liquid on the coils’ wick for a mere short, few puffs (but theclouds can be magnificent!)
  • high VG e-liquid – for cloud chasing, don’t doubt it, yourbest bet is definitely e cig juice in the form of highvegetable glycerine (VG) e-liquid; find the right one and it won’t just resultin great clouds but fantastic flavours too (do check out the terrific range onour website)
  • the right battery – understandably, the temptation here isto go all out with the most powerful battery you set your eyes on, but thetruth is that may not be the best course of action because you also have toensure the battery’s going to be the right fit with your e-cig, safety-wise, soalways keep your batteries (the spare ones) in a case and be sure to follow theguidelines provided by their manufacturer
  • Mods – these are important additions to an e-cig for anycloud chaser as, whether you’re looking to use an RDA or a sub-ohm tank, it’s agood, decent mod you’ll have to call into action to ensure the device can dealwith super low electrical resistance; be aware, though, that while mods arepowerful they’re necessarily complex too, so definitely read the manual and doa bit of online research first for best practice!
  • Wicking – finally, the last key component is the wicking,which admittedly will require a good deal of research and experimentation tohit on exactly what’s going to work best for you; indeed, it’s possible to‘wick’ coils with low resistance in many different, exciting ways, so justremember to provide decent airflow as you’re playing around with them andyou’ll doubtless eventually discover what you’re after.

Finally (really this time,), it’s worthbearing in mind all the way along the process of experimentation and discoverythat, yes, cloud chasing is far from the easiest thing to successfully do withan e-cigarette. So, without doubt then, practice and patience are definitelywatch-words here. Good luck – and have fun!

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