Getting thicker clouds isn’t top priority for all vapers, but for the ones that it is, it’s a skill which they keep on finessing.

There are a range of reasons why people begin to vape. It might be that you’re trying to quit smoking, or it might be that you simply love the taste. There are many people out there who got into it mainly for the trick element. Many vapers using sub ohm devices, that is vape devices capable of creating large plumes of vapour with their low resistance coils, will be used to large clouds and the potential for making huge smoke rings and other shapes with the hefty mist created. So what tips are there for the vaping fanatics among us? If your clouds aren’t cutting it, then take stock of these handy tips to keep your vapour thick and full flavoured.

Vaping for the cloud thickness usually consists of using a higher VG juice. This is because vape clouds require denser juice which when heated, creates a thicker mist. You can find out if your vape juice has a higher VG through the PG?VG ratio on the side of your vape juice bottle. A higher VG ratio to PG, usually something like 70/30, tells you that this juice will create bigger vape clouds.

Lower nicotine for bigger inhales

If you’re going to be inhaling more vapour, then it makes sense that you lower the nicotine concentration in your vape juice. If you are vaping heftier inhales, then a more intense nicotine concentration may very well be too potent and harsh for the sheer volume you’ll be inhaling. Vape juice nicotine concentrations, range from 3 mg to 20 mg of nicotine. The lower levels, either 3 mg or 6 mg will no doubt be the most suited to cloud chasing.

Why sub ohm devices are so important

Sub ohm devices are used specifically for their high vape cloud output. This makes them the perfect device to cloud chase with. But what actually goes on inside a sub ohm device? The reason for the name is that the resistance, ro the ohms in the vape circuit, can reach under 1 ohm. The resistance is responsible for how much electricity and therefore power can run through the system, and so a lower resistance means more power. More power means more vapour.

Lower temperature controls

You’ll be inhaling a lot more vapour when cloud chasing. This means that if your vapour is hotter, it will be harsher on the throat and a little more overwhelming. If you want to keep the vape inhale mild but the cloud big, then use your temperature control settings to ensure that the temperature stays low. Most vape mods come equipped with temperature control settings, and the lower you set your maximum, the more manageable those large inhales will be. Whatever vape flavour you are using, temperature controls will keep the taste great but take the bite off the inhale.

Higher wattage or voltage

Keep your voltage and wattage higher on your vape mod to increase your vapour production. Regardless of whether you are using a variable wattage or voltage device, a higher power setting will increase the amount of vapour you exhale. Make sure that when you up the voltage or wattage, you also lower the temperature maximum and resistance alongside it, ensuring the perfect environment for cloud chasing.

Keep your battery fully charged

There are many types of vape battery on the market today. Finding the ones which suit your power settings is key to a full vape experience. 18650 batteries are some of the most popular vape batteries out there. With vape mods, you can find a range of battery combinations which can work with your device, and for prolonged cloud chasing, getting the right balance of battery life and steady power will benefit your cloud chasing greatly.

Increase the airflow

A looser draw means more vapour. Most advanced vape mods will have an airflow slider either on the mouthpiece or further down the device. Higher airflows also mean that you will have a less harsh vape hit, the added air cooling your inhale. The one downside to a higher airflow is that you will use up more vape juice in less time. This is already going to happen when you sub ohm vape anyway.

What coil are you using?

On the subject of resistance and vapour production, the kind of coil you use for your vape device is important when cloud chasing. The coil is responsible for the resistance of the device, and the thicker the coil, the less resistance you will encounter. There are a wide range of different materials and designs which you can make coils out of as well. These will be best used for different vaping styles and different devices.For instance, low ohm coils and twisted dual coils are the best designs for cloud chasing.

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