And like an overfilled vape tank, they really are flooding the market. Recently, many vape brands have issued out warnings about the dangers of fake products, either using their brand name or insignia to lure in unsuspecting vape customers. Whilst some vapes are merely lesser powered copies, some can be dangerous, with faulty circuitry which run the risk of exploding. It can be tricky to tell a fake from an original, but there are a few tell-tale signs.

Bad packaging

One of the main ways to tell if your vape device is a fake is from the way it’s been packaged. A badly packaged vape device could look completely non-descript or sometimes even homemade. The tell-tale giveaway is that most reputable brands will blend their packaging seamlessly in with the vape device itself. Whether that means an ergonomically designed case to protect the device whilst in transit, or striking branding, you can tell if your vape device is the real deal before even opening the box.

No user manual

If you open the box and everything seems to be in order, check to see if there’s a user manual. If your vape device doesn’t come with one, then it might be worth questioning its authenticity. All vape devices should come with a user manual, it’s health and safety procedure.

No marks or labels to identify it

It may look like one of your favourite vapes from our vape shop in Orpington, but if it doesn’t have any clear branding or insignias on the vape devices body, then there’s a good chance that its not real. A stamp of a company’s branding on a vape device is a sign of originality and quality, and no company would want to be associated with a fake!

Surprisingly cheap

During a TPD clearance you might be able to find a great range of great value vaping products. However, if it seems that perhaps the price is too good to eb true, then most of the time it probably is.

Low grade inhale

One way to test out a fake vape device is by actually trying it. If you can’t tell from the packaging or branding, you’ll often be able to tell from just a few inhales, especially if it’s a cheap imitation of a device you’re used to using.

Get wise and go online

One great way to work out if your vape device is fake or not is through the internet. There are plenty of websites out there which have compiled lists of fake products, acting as watchdogs for the vaping community so you can steer clear of the

YouTube channels

There are plenty of vloggers ion the internet reviewing vape devices. Many of them have come across fake devices I the past and will actively call them out. Another great thing about vloggers is that they will show you the device on video, ensuring you can see what sets it out as a fake.

Brand websites

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, there have been more and more brand websites calling out fake versions of their products. These are some of the most up to date warnings about fake vape devices because these brands certainly don’t want any negative press.

Vaping blogs and chat rooms

Vapers are all part of a very vocal community. You will find many message boards and chat rooms full of vapers rating and discussing the products they’ve tried. If you think your vape device is fake, then ask a message board.

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