Flavour. It’s all about flavour for vapers. And why shouldn’t it be? With such a terrific variety of tastes to choose from courtesy of the ever expanding E-liquid market, they can be assured that whatever flavour they fancy, it’ll be served up the many brands now specialising in E-liquids. And, don’t doubt it, at No1. Ejuice we only concern ourselves with the very best of these – none of our stocked brands’ products contain any unnatural chemical tastes and they offer excellent cloud protection too. So then, here’s a quick rundown of the different flavours you can buy – and try out – by type…


You may not be aware of it, but those in the know certainly are – cereal tastes absolutely delicious any time of day. And vapers don’t even need to bother getting out a bowl, pouring out the contents of a cereal box and topping it up with milk; no, they can just sample one of the seriously superb cereal-flavoured concoctions available. Why not try the fruity goodness of ANML’s Looper or even the more unusual doughnut and marshmallow combo that’s One Hit Wonder’s Policeman?


What to enjoy after cereal? Why, dessert, of course! Yes, in most cases, the first course of a meal usually comes first, but when it comes to E-liquid tastes, you don’t have to worry about such things as tradition or formality – instead you can throw yourself into fantastic after-dinner delights like Loaded’s Glazed Donuts or Vape Breakfast Classic’s French Dude.


It’s far from just the food-based tastes here at No.1 Ejuice, though; vapers who know their stuff swear by our collection of beverage-related flavours. After all, the UK is nothing if not a nation of drinks-lovers. Everything from soda-driven carbonated treats to good old tea and coffee for when we need to take a break and put our feet up; we Brits love our drinks, all right! And you’ll doubtless love the selection we have to offer when it comes to these E liquid flavours – who could turn their noses up at sampling Snap’s Peach Ice Tea or the jasmine-tinged milky-tea taste of Jazzy Boba?


Let’s be honest, there are few more refreshing tastes than the delightful tang delivered by mint – and, thanks to the variety and flexibility offered by the E-liquid market, vapers can sample many a marvellous menthol concoction. Not only is there the likes of the fruit and menthol blend that’s Ruthless’s Ez Duz It On Ice, but also intriguing and delicious creations such as Elements’ Key Lime Cookies + Frost.


Of course, one of the major appeals of vaping is it presents such a superb opportunity to try and ‘kick the habit’ and get away from conventional cigarettes, but that needn’t necessarily mean vapers have to totally surrender everything about tobacco – everything that’s good about it, that is. For instance, should they wish to, they can continue to indulge in that unique tobacco taste via unique liquids of our collection that, be assured, deliver unmistakeable tobacco flavours – without the health-hazard of smoking traditional cigarettes.


Nowadays, the choice of yoghurts is almost dizzying and any vaper checking out our selection of yoghurt-flavoured E-liquids will doubtless find their mind boggled by all the awesome flavour options available. Indeed, although tending to be less sugary than others (which you may well prefer), our yoghurt flavours nonetheless deliver an irresistible creamy, smoothly sweet touch to the tongue. Fine examples of which are both One Hit Wonder’s Rocket Man and Kilo’s Kiberry Yoghurt.

So, hopefully as you can see then, the E-liquid market is one of wonderful variety, bringing vapers exactly the flexibility and excitement of choice they desire. Whether your penchant is for menthol or fruit, tobacco or drinks, dessert or, indeed, cereal, your taste-wish is our command at No.1 Ejuice – the flavours we offer are second to none!

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