Coils are simple on the surface but serve a very complex role within the vape device. As more and more brands and products change the face of vaping, it’s no surprise that we find ever more innovative ways to boost our vape clouds and intensify our flavours. One of the ways vape designers have managed this is through the innovations of the Clapton Coil.

The Clapton Coil is not merely one singular design, but is an umbrella term for a wide range of vape coils which share the same properties. Regardless of your vape batteries output or your sub ohm level, a clapton coil will have the same effect on your device. Below is everything you need to know about the Clapton coil, and some of the variations you should look out for.

What is a Clapton coil?

The standard Clapton Coil is a piece of wire which is thinner in its gauge, or width. Although they heat up at a slower rate than normal coils, a Clapton can intensify the flavour of your vape hit due to the texture and increased surface area of the wire. Inspired by the look and feel of guitar strings, the Clapton wire is named after Cream guitarist Eric Clapton.

Fused Clapton coils

Fused Clapton coils are a deviation on the original build and use a thinner gauged wire wrapped, or fused, onto two thicker gauged cores.The reason for this is so that you can get a better heat up time, and therefore quicker hits, without losing any of the flavour. Coming in a range of resistances, the fused Clapton is a must for anyone who wants a vape coil building challenge.

Staggered fused Clapton coils

The staggered fused Clapton uses the same wire and core as the fused Clapton, but with additional texture and surface area. This is the go to coil for direct to lung vapers, bringing bigger hits and better flavour.

Alien Claptons

An Alien Clapton is a Clapton coil which has had its core taken out and replaced with a multi strand core. The Alien Clapton is slow to ramp up but rewards the user with a perfect sub ohm vaping coil, due to its larger surface area.

Staple coils

Staple coils have a faster ramp up time than the fused Clapton and is made using up to ten flat ribbon wires with a thinner gauge wire wrapped around it. The staple coil creates small indents in the wire, giving the titular stapled effect and trapping bits of e juice in the process, ensuring maximum vape flavour efficiency.

Framed staple coils

These fused and staple hybrids are made using ribbon wire and round wire being fused together. This wire has a quicker heat up time and also bring out more refined flavours.

Tiger coils

Great for both MTL and DTL vaping, the tiger coil is a twisted wire containing one flat strand and one flat ribbon wire. With its varying textures, the tiger coil is one of the best for flavour chasing.

Hive coils

The hive coil is a simple fusing of two twisted wires being twisted together themselves. The hive coil capitalises on the unique grooves and indents that appear in its texture so as to increase the flavour. One of the only problems with the hive coil is that they can create more spitback than other coils, due to the amount of vape juice which gets caught in it.

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