Do you get excited about all things e-juice? Do you go ape for vape? Then we have an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. It is becoming clearer and clearer every day that vape reviewers online are gaining every growing followings every day, and with the ease of access to articles and review son the internet, reaching such a wide audience via the web is becoming very important indeed. For this very reason, E-cigarette Direct are looking for vape reviewers to join their mailing list. If you have what it takes to be an e-cig reviewer then you could be liable for discounts and freebies which will give you even better value for your vaping and will help you hone your e-cigarette reviewing skills.

What’s in it for me?

We would never ask you to dedicate your time for nothing. This is a service you will be providing for E-cigarette Direct and with this in mind, they will reward you for your time.

Of course, one of the given’s is that you get to try new products for absolutely nothing! You’ll be sent new products by the company and all you have to do is decide what you think of them. On top of this, your readership will receive discount codes so that they can sample the products you’re reviewing for cheaper. Of course, this goes for you as the reviewer as well. Whatever products you enjoy, you’ll be able to purchase them in the future for a discount price.

You’ll also gain respect within the vaping community as an up and coming reviewer. When the audience who will see your reviews from the site adds to your current readership, you’re guaranteed a powerful platform from which to promote yourself. On an altruistic level, you’ll be informing people’s choices of e liquid flavours. You have a real responsibility here, acting as a filter between the better and the worse flavours, really helping people make great decisions on their e-cig suppliers. This in itself is a noble act and something you can really be proud of; there are so many choices out there in a rapidly growing market and you will be helping consumers navigate this.

Personal Specification

E cigarette Direct is looking for the best of tastemakers, people who can make informed decisions on the products they are being sent. Part of this is giving an informed opinion on what they’re testing. They want you to be honest, considered and fair in the process as any professional reviewer would be. Many reviewers use a numerical rating system which helps them to categorise the different things they are looking for within the product. This also means that the readers who only skim the content can get straight to the point, for instance if they’re in a hurry.

Reviews that have been previously published would also be useful in informing E cigarette Directs decision as to whether to hire you. This will give them an idea of the way that you write and gives you a great opportunity to really show off your talent to a well-established company.

E cigarette Direct will also want you to send them these example reviews. These can come in a range of different mediums, from written blogs to YouTube videos, each with their own pros and cons. YouTube videos are useful in showing how the e-cigarette actually looks and smokes. Viewers will get a really clear sense of the way that you react to the vape and the type of cloud that it produces. Written blogs usually give more description into the taste and are usually written from trying the Vape for a longer period of time, often up to a week. Prices and nicotine content are also clearer in these reviews and give people a quicker idea of what to expect from the E-Juice.

E-cigarette Direct are mostly looking for reviewers from within the UK or from within the EU. This is because of their residence within England, therefore preferring places which won’t take too long to post. However, E-cigarette Direct will consider reviewers from the US and will try their best to send packages over to you.

On their website you can find a short survey which you can fill out and then all you have to do is to wait for them to get back in touch with you. 

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