It’s easy to forget that vaping’s relatively new, so the etiquette surrounding it is still in its genesis. As individuals then, it’s surely only right for us vapers to recognise the onus is on us to behave responsibly to help its acceptance among the general public as a sociable, safe activity. But more than this, it’s about good manners. The tips below are about basic decency, of course, but should suggest a decent, enjoyable hobby, not an obnoxious habit…

Vaping in different locations

What to consider when you’re about to vape in separate public spaces:

  • Driving – vaping while driving’s officially legal, but there’s the still a danger that, should you vape behind the wheel, you might get nine points on your licence and a potential fine up to £2,500; not surprising really, as a vehicle filled with thick vapour’ll impair visibility and vaped VG-dominant e-liquid could leave faint residue on the windscreen (either due to a driver or a passenger vaping)
  • Out-of-doors – possibly the most vaping-friendly environment is that outdoors, of course, but in built-up areas or when surrounded by people wherever you may be, it’s important to be mindful that others may care should you pop out your e-cig device; so be conscientious (i.e. taking a few steps away from them so breeze doesn’t carry that delicious vapour into the faces of those around, who may find it a little less delicious)
  • Indoor public spaces – remember what happens when you vape in a car, it reduces visibility, so hardly fair if you’re in the cinema, at a concert or the such like; additionally, vaping in a bar or nightclub may depend on their size indoors and whether they have a no-vaping rule anyway (the same goes for shops) and if you’re in a restaurant, bear in mind that this is a place designed specifically for eating in
  • Public transport – not the best idea, given that buses, trains and planes are all spaces packed with people and, increasingly, they’re all cracking down on banning people from vaping, like it or not.

Vaping around different people

You should also, of course, consider how you vape when around other people:

  • Children and pets – would you smoke around children? Precisely; it’s not sociable to vape around just anyone, so what might children make of you doing it around them? It’s simply not fair on them to do so; moreover, the PG content of e-juice isn’t well received by cats (and, to an extent, dogs), so best to bear this in mind when it comes to your and others’ pets and don’t leave you e-cig equipment (especially including your vape battery and vape tank) lying around because, technically, they could amount to a fire hazard in the hands of kids
  • Non-smokers – a lot of non-smokers are likely to be more liberated towards vaping than you might think, but be sure you check first they’re happy with you doing so in their presence before you hit the fire button
  • Smokers – yes, it’s likely smokers won’t have any objections to someone vaping around them; that said, just because their habit is harmful to them and others, you shouldn’t be condescending

Vaping ‘via stealth’

‘Stealth vaping’ is something that can be key when it comes to mindful use of e-cig devices and, as you may have guessed, it’s about subtle, discreet vaping; keeping your equipment out of sight for the most part, perhaps holding vapour in a little longer than you might and exhaling so you don’t create big, obvious plumes. Cloud chasing, it ain’t! The point of stealth vaping is not to mask or hide the fact you’re vaping, but to be low key about it; not draw attention to yourself so you can vape in public and in peace and without getting anyone’s back up and do nothing to suggest vaping’s not something to recommend.

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